25 November, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I will complete this fun tag:


Recently, I read a very amazing short article about different reasons why people love Jane Austen, and I kind of decided to share mine too!
As you might now by now I completely live in Jane Austen world!

1. Amazing Writing

I am not a snob when it comes to writing style. My personal opinion is that what makes a writer unique its his or her writing style. But I do appreciate a well written book. Jane Austen had such a pure and clean writing style that I am amazed and be-witched by it! The words she used, the expressions. The humor is amazing, there are so many quotable lines.
Simple and magnificent.

2. Important Characters

I believe that every person would find himself/herself in any of Jane Austen's book. The characters she created are so diverse, so unique and so relevant at the same time. They are strong, they are well educated and minded and I love that! They teach us lessons and the reader grows and learns something together with them!
Her books are filled with strong young women.

3. Life Lessons

This goes well with the characters as there are so many good life lessons in Austen's books. Every single book can teach you something, can show you that maybe you are acting in this same way and maybe what happened to the character in the book, can help you to figure something you need as well.
For example, Sense & Sensibility taught me to never close up and always keep an open mind to other people. Persuasion showed me how important it is to always fight for something you want and well Pride & Prejudice - to never have prejudice against something you don't know and don't have too much pride.

4. The Reading Girl is the main Character

I love Austen book because in them the quite, shy reading girl, who likes to explore and is a horrible dancer and maybe wear glasses is not the best friend to the hero, who is left in the background. Jane Austen takes them and places them in the center and shows how beautiful, deep and full of wonder such women are. That the brainy, bookish girl can be strong and proud and stubborn, yet gentle, kind and loving.  There is no stereotypes!

5. Era and Manners!

I am in love with the Regency Era. The whole aesthetic of it, the clothes, the dances, the manners. The way people use to talk and behave towards one another. It's lovely and classy. I am not classy at all, but when I read Jane Austen books, it takes me to the pleasing world of politeness, good manners and respect. Somehow I just imagine this world very bright, with warm white light and lilac and baby blue and yellow and just tea and softness and piano forte.
Just pure.

6. Plots that are Interested without Sex, Drugs or Vampires

What I also love about these books is that Austen created amazing stories, good plots and great twist without using sex, drugs or violence or any supernatural creatures. It's just simply how people lived and fell in love. I love how simple and amazing it is. I mean it's never boring. It's never dull and I don't need vampires or sex to keep me reading her books.

7. Women lives

From these books, you can really gather what was the culture women lived in at that time. Jane Austen captures all the essentials of her surroundings and educates us with it. Her women characters are real women who lived real lives and had real issues in their time. And they were brave women to fight for more!

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it!


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