19 November, 2017


Title: The Long Walk
Author: Stephen King
Series: -
Genres: Mystery, Horror, Dystopia
Publisher: Signet
Release: 1999
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 370

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On the first day of May, 100 teenage boys meet for a race known as "The Long Walk." If you break the rules, you get three warnings. If you exceed your limit, what happens is absolutely terrifying.

EXPECTATIONS: I saw this book one one of my favorite booktuber's channel and got really intrigued by the promise so eventually decided it would go perfectly on my Spookathon TBR.

THE WORLD: Not much to say actually. The world that we get to know in this book is extremely limited. Basically it is about 100 boys that volunteer to walk nonstop for a price. The idea is that if you stop you get three warnings and then you get shot. So for me this sounds like a very dystopian world. However, why this world is this way or why such walking game even exists is not really explained. It is more a book about the psychological state of these boys and how they break down than anything else. 

CHARACTERS: There are few boys that we focus on but basically all but one eventually die. I must say even tho we did get some names I don't think any of them really matter because this book looks at this walking game and state of the mind as one rather as an individual for each boy. There is hate and jealousy, there is exhaustion and wish to help others but it all comes down to the fact that if you stop you die. 


GOOD: I have never read a book of Stephen King that explored emotional state of the mind in such depth. I mean the whole book is really about breaking down and I think it was done really brilliantly. It's like you walk with these boys and get to feel what they are feeling. You know 99 of them will die and you know that that one who walks away alive will be so mentally broken that he might be dead too. It's amazing really.

BAD: I wished there was more world involved, you get to read about green fields, long hills and big bridges but that is all. You also learn that watchers of this game are really passionate and consider boys a heroes. But that is it. As to how and why this game happened to be...it's not there. 

OVERALL: I think it was very very different to what I have read of Stephen King before and so just for that I would recommend it. However if you do not like having emotional impact well actually negative emotional impact on you this might be not for you. It is a heavy book. 

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