17 November, 2017


Title: If you dare
Author:  A.R. Torre
Series: Deanna Madden #3
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Adult
Publisher: Redhook
Release: 2015
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 368

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Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited new novel from A. R. Torre, author of the award winning erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E.

The rules are the same. I can't open the door. I can't leave. I can't kill anyone.

The only difference is, I don't set the rules anymore. Guards in grey uniforms do. It is everything I never wanted and everything I always deserved. I write to you now, from a prison cell. My home for the next twenty to thirty years.

That's the going term for murder.

EXPECTATIONS: This series is one of my last year discoveries and I managed to totally fall in love with it. 

THE WORLD: In general it is really our own world. There is politics, crime, economy and well just every day world going to hell. However zooming a bit in we really are most of the time in a tiny apartment of Deanna's or well maybe I should say her apartment building and some sneak peaks at the horrible neighborhood she lives in.

CHARACTERS: Deanna is still pretty much same psychopathic beauty that has a tendency to kill people and works as a cam girl. After bad things of second book we get back to the usual routine for a bit till hell breaks lose again. Now I really liked Deanna in first book, in second one I think she got a bit soft and controlled by her obsession with sex and new boyfriend and in third...well now we also learn that Deanna is very much into self-identity crisis. Frankly I miss that kick ass Deanna. This whole if I am good enough and oh I should be locked up cuz it's better for him nonsense was not for my taste. I miss the sharp minded slightly sociopathic Deanna very much. And the rest of the characters...well it's only my opinion but I think they are tools and not real characters. They were there as props for the story, if you change their name or background their character would not change a single bit. 

ROMANCE: So in previous book I kinda liked Deanna discovering healthy relationship. Unfortunately that healthy relationship went really bad path because in this book it is all about the boyfriend and there is just so much mopping and self doubt that I could not deal anymore. I don't want a contemporary romance about break ups and not good enoughs, I want a psychopath!

GOOD: The ending. Despite this book being very boring and focusing completely on I am not good enough the ending was brilliant. Why? Because it was real!

BAD: The first book of the series was shocking, the second book had amazing plot and third? I felt like watching afternoon detective show on TV. It was very ordinary, predictable and boring. Also mopping like come on. 

OVERALL: I won't deny it, I was disappointed big time. I wanted this series to be good and third book ruined that for me. I do think final chapter was great ending but it still doesn't let me give this book more than 3 stars. 

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