27 November, 2017


Happy Monday friends! Welcome to another edition of Monday Travels

So today we are in LITHUANIA and we will explore:


Let's meet the Lithuanian writer Kazys Almenas:
Kazys Almenas ( born April 11th 1935 - died October 7th 2017) - was a Lithuanian writer, engineer and physicist. In 1944 together with his parents moved to Germany, later to Unites States. Graduated from University of Nebraska in 1957 and received his doctoral disertation in Worsow University in 1968. In 1969 worked as a professor in Maryland. In 1992 Almenas influenced and engineered a security group in Ignalina Atomic Plant.
His literary works depicts the lives of Americans and Lithuanian immigrants. In 1992 he established a publishing house Literrae Universitatis. Almenas was the original founder and one of the writers for the series of the Skomantas Series depicting the lives of the Baltic tribe of Samogitia in the 13th century.

Books in the Series:

The Captive
The Fen Wolf
Blood Wedding
These were the only books I found with English translation, the rest I translated myself:
The Arrows of Retribution
The Castle of Raiders
The Cursed Treasure
Will of the Gods
The Blue Raven
Blacksmith of Ventė
Hand of Polock
Fate of Junta
 Son of Mindaugas
The Flamming Tower
Two Swords
Long Journey Home
Stone's Tongue
To the World's End and Back


There are so many books in this series that I don't think I even know them all if I'm being completely honest with you. My library does not have them all for sure, cause I had never seen the names of few of the books.
 I always wanted for there to be historical fantasy books about our Baltic tribes, about how brave our ancestors were, how bold and strong and beautiful. How rich our pagan culture was and what deep traditions our nation has, but I always thought that there wasn't any and I was super upset about it.
But one day I came across these series in my local library and I went ballistic! If I could get my hands on all of them I think I would go into a cardiac arrest from the happiness shock!
There will be a review of the first book this week, so check it out if you want!
In any case, I am very happy that these series exist! So happy that you have no idea!

 See you next Monday!


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