02 October, 2017

MONDAY TRAVELS: OCTOBER by Nebulous the Poet

Happy Monday friends!

This Monday we will be reading a beautiful poem to the most wonderful and the most beautiful months of the year. I present you:


Poet Nebulous The Poet:
Nebulous personally enjoys swimming through the pool of his abstract thoughts because his head is always in the clouds. He occasionally makes pointless (sometimes nonsensical) jokes and likes drinking beer. You can typically find him at local bars jiving out to live music on the weekends. He always has something to write on and sometimes stops in the middle of the street to jot down fleeting ideas.


I step outside and feel my nose crinkle
Look to the sky and watch the V’s fly south
Walk through the woods and hear the leaves whistle
Take a deep breath and taste fall in my mouth.

A start to the happiest time of year
Everything’s changing like wind where it blows.
Squirrels hide acorns, scarecrows create fear,
Pumpkins make faces at kids and their clothes.

Delectable treats in bags and buckets,
Scary films to watch on the edge of your seat.
Kids running around creating ruckus,
Stomping on leaves in the street with their feet.

Lets not forget Oktoberfest and beer;
Where people gather ‘round to celebrate
A special event that’s held every year,
Something so special you can’t replicate.

Delicious mystery looms in the air
While evil spirits meander ‘round town.
Libra gives the torch to Scorpions heir
And leaves pile up into one big mound.

The autumn harvest is now creeping up
Making food to put on everyone’s plate.
A great time of year where change is a must
Because without change, nothing can be re-made.


I only quite recently discovered this poet in a very cool site called Hello: Poetry
I like hoe raw this poet is and how he  can make the most mundane things into not so ordinary. It's truly a gift.
Also, I liked this particular poem since I do those things also. Even today, I went mushroom picking with my family and just inhaling that October weather and wind and letting it all consume me!
If you would like to read more of this poets works check his Facebook page and his Hello: Poetry pages by clicking here and here

See you next Monday!

Happy October!


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