26 October, 2017


Today we have the topic of:

Only 5 days till Halloween!

So today I will be talking about some common AND uncommon "witchy" names or names with dark meanings in general. If anyone is in need of names for their stories well, just continue reading!

I'll divide them in boys' and girls' names (some will be unisex) and I will add the meaning.

Daegal - "dweller by the dark stream" who dwells by a dark stream? and why is it dark? this name was used in the TV series "Merlin" as well.
Athan - "immortal" it may sound cool at first but think about it... being immortal is a curse + it reminds everyone of vampires!
Rune - "secret" well if that isn't mysterious on its own...
Orev - "raven" traditionally ravens have been associated with the death and the passing to the other side.
Mal - this one is funny because it has many meanings "messenger of god", "chief" and "bad" how they all correlate I don't know...

NOTE: those reminded me of Mal Oretsev from Grisha trilogy and well his name is basically "bad raven" or "chief raven"... I feel like a snake would've been more suitable but yeah it suits him anyway.

Kieran - "little dark one" wow that's not exactly the best name to have but I do like this name actually, I like how it sounds a lot.
Donahue - "dark warrior" gaelic names are the best. They are all dark xD
Merlin - how wouldn't we include the most famous name ever? I've typically heard two meanings for it: "sea fortress" and "little falcon" now I don't know which one is right. I know merlins are a kind of bird (little falcons more or less) but I don't know how it plays in Merlin's story.
Draco - another super famous name thanks to Harry Potter. Now we all know it means "dragon" a scary yet powerful creature.

Amarande - "immortal" here we have the counterpart of Athan I guess.
Enola - "solitary" not a witch or dark meaning but because of that solitude meaning it's been used in literature for witch characters (the solitary ones without a clan).
Faye - "fairy" now that's a magical name right there. Are there bad fairies out there?
Lillith - Super famous because of the Bible. The demon Lillith who rebelled and didn't follow God's orders and didn't want to do anything with Adam. The meaning is "belonging to the night" just like demons but I personally think Lillith just didn't care at all xD
Agnes - "holy, pure" you're wondering... why did you include this one if it means pure? because Agnes is a very common witch name my friends. Don't ask me why but a "witch" with that name was hanged in the Salem trials for example. There are many witch Agneses in history as well as in literature.
Shivani - "life and death" I feel like this is a very cool name to give to a goddess character in a story, life and death? she has the power right there, she's the mvp.
Mara - Famous because of Mara Dyer series. The character suits the name though because it means "bitterness" and she was definitely bitter (I cannot blame her though).
Amaya - "night rain" or "the beginning of the end" I chose to include this name because of its Basque meaning instead of the Japanese one although I like both I feel like "beginning of the end" is more poetic and dark in a way.
Samara - You might recognize this name because of the character in "The Ring" movies who was named Samara Morgan. It means "guardian of God" or "ruled by God" but that's not why it's here. It's here because if I think of the girl from The Ring I get instant chills. Phew, scary.
Raven - guess the meaning? That's right! "Raven"! Again this connection to ravens' being the guardians of the underworld or something.
And that is it for the names! Do you have more names to add? Where they helpful or did they inspire some new characters? I hope so. I tried to include several different ethnicities as well.



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