09 September, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I will complete this fun tag:


Hi guys! 

By now you all know that I am absolute Historical Fiction! It just suits my soul! Who knows maybe I lived in a Tudor Court in my past life LOL! 
In any case, today I found this cool and fun tag to do, and I will actually try and answer these questions with only Historical Fiction books I have read to make it more difficult and interesting! 
Wish me luck!

So to honor this wonderful time, I will complete a rally fun tag! You can find the original tag here

1) Marilyn Monroe: The most glamorous book you have ever read.

Of course it has to be The Great Gatsby! I did however, enjoy the book, I didn't really love it as much as I wanted too, but the party scenes and the details to surroundings made it feel like the glamour in this book was astonishing!

2) Winston Churchill: The best leader in a book and why.


 Isabella of Castile- Catherine of Aragorn's mother. We have her just in the beginning that's true, but the presence this woman leaves if everything! She is so strong! I read about her as well and truly she was a fierce woman, a fierce leader!

3) Adolf Hitler: The most ruthless book dictator.

 In my review for this book, I stated that I didn't like Henry VIII in it. He was painted as a rapist, masochistic maniac, who cared little about anything except having a son. He was a maniac.

4) Maya Angelou: The character who brought about the most change, or had the most personal development.

 Pierre Bezukhov - he was the first character to come to mind. In my mind he grew up from this spoiled little village boy, who was manipulated by everyone around him, to a man who knows what heart break is, knows what money means and how much good you can do with it. Knows what it's like to keep a promise.

5) Queen Elizabeth II: Your most favorite member of a royal family within a book.


 Catherine of Aragorn - I actually wanted to say Elizabeth og York, but I hated her in the book, so I can't bring myself to put her on this list. Catherine to me is one of my favorite Queens. She comes from such a strong family of morals and power that I think it all got to her head as well. But in the book she was fantastic to read about and it was just fascinating to read how she dealt with everything as a Queen should have.

6) Albert Einstein: The kookiest, craziest, most bonkers book character ever!

Margaret Beaufort - Oh Lord, Margaret. She is INSANE! I picked this aspect of the craziest character, because she was crazy! She had this idea that God gave her a mission to be the next mother of the king of England and let me tell you, she was cruel to pretty much everyone her entire life. 

7) Brutus: The most betraying character of all the characters

Jane Boleyn - I picked this character, because to my mind she did betray basically everyone in the Boleyn family and her country. Blinded my revenge and hate she just lost her way and ended up hurting a number people including herself.

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let me know your answers to these questions!


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