30 September, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I will complete this fun tag:


The name explains itself :)
Today I'll present 15 facts, on how I read, what I read and how weird I get when reading!

Fact 1. I love Romance novels

I am not ashamed of it! I do like when a book has good romance, has lots of aww moments and ends good! That's why I think I like Jane Austen for much - the romance! Of course just for interest sake I did read some of this plane novels you know? The ones you can buy in a station or an airport, that is called like 'Crimson Petal and the hound' or something. They were not good, but I had fun and some laughs reading them. So yeah, if a book has good romance I'll like it.

Fact 2. How I read

Usually I read in silence in my room. Either in my armchair by the window, so I have the daylight and a window sill to put my huge cup of tea on, or in my bed. 
But if I am in a really hardcore reading mode, I can read pretty much everywhere: in the trolley bus, in the lunch are at work in the theater, literally anywhere!

Fact 3. I cast the book

Usually when I read I tend to see the entire book as a movie. If I am really into the book I go so far as find actor or people online who would look like the characters and I already have my cast. For example, Bella Swan was - Alexis Bledel and Edward Cullen - Drew Fuller, long before the actual movie was cast. 

Fact 4. I always drink tea when I read

When I read I need three things: chap stick cause my lips get dry, tissues if it's a sad book and my enormous tea cup! I am a complete tea person, so the bigger cup the better and it keeps me warm and fuzzy. If it's hot or I for some reason don't want tea and usually drink water.

Fact 5. I am a fiction reader

I know that there are some people that prefer to read non-fiction books, like historical or real life stories, memoirs and stuff but I do prefer fiction and everything that falls into the fiction specter. 

Fact 6. I see myself in the book

Usually when I read a book I don't read through the eyes of the protagonist or identify myself with the main character. I usually create my own version in the book world and just be part of the book plot. Again love to read Austen for this, because I become an aristocrat and drink tea, talk silly love talks and read books in a beautiful manner!

Fact 7. Bookmarks

I love love love cute bookmarks! Couple of my friends got bookmarks from the cities they were in, so now I want to collect cute bookmarks and have people bring me cute bookmarks from the places they go to! 

Fact 8. Borrowed books

If I will borrow someones book, I will always take the official cover off, if it comes off of course and I'll wrap the book in a newspaper or magazine for it not to be damaged by me while I have it.

Fact 9. First book I read /First Series I read

The first book I have ever read by myself was Snow White and the first series I got really into was Harry Potter. Of course then Twilight followed, then so many more wonderful books! 

Fact 10. Beautiful Quotes

I have a notebook that I made myself, where I write down a beautiful quote from the book, or a poem or just a line from the book if I really really like it!

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let me know what are some bookish facts about you!


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