28 September, 2017

HALLOWEEN PARTY with Paperless Post


Today will be different, today we are working with Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post and today we will plan our Halloween Party! Yes you heard it right, P.S. I love that book! will have a week long Halloween party from 23rd to 31st of October! 

There will be sweets and books and movies and costumes and everything one really needs on Halloween! Every day there will be a new post featuring Halloween related awesomeness so mark your calendar because it will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Trick or Treat? Here I come!

But to get you going we decided we will write a post of how you can start planning your own Halloween Party! 

Other day we were contacted by Anagram Interactive asking if we would like to try Paperless Post and hell yeah we said yes! Have you seen their cards? They are so gorgeous and they have anything you want, pretty much make up an occasion and I bet they have a card for that too!

But let me tell you what really impressed me (besides the super cute cards). First the system is really easy, to go to their website Paperless Post and pick a card you want, it is all you can do? No! You can modify the text, pick an envelope you love, even the background and then you send each card individually to your guests via email and guess what, they can actually mark if they are attending or not and you get notification straight away. I think we all are super tired of endless discussions on Messenger and Whatsapp asking everybody if they are coming, so jup Paperless Post even took care of that! 

So now the major question comes...do I recommend it?

Well hell yeah! I like it so much I even sent myself a unicorn Happy Bday card because how awesomely funny it is? Also I could not not share the cat unicorn card...like really I cannot handle how funny it is. With love, Hannah.

As Hannah said these cards are GORGEOUS and the website has so many different ones! They have customizable cards for any kind of event (birthdays, holidays, parties, business, etc).
They even have for different kinds of religious events such as Hanukkah, bat mitzvah, Diwali, etc which I thought was amazing because I rarely see the inclusion of different types of religions.
Oh, and the prices are VERY AFFORDABLE (the website works with a "coin" system. For example you can buy 20 coins for $6 and cards are either free, 2 coins or 3 coins).


Hey guys! I am a sucker for pretty things and Paperless Post provides you the most beautiful, pretty, colorful and heartwarming invitations, stationary or just cards I have ever seen! They are so beyond adorable and cute that I literally spend all day just browsing.
You can use them in print version by ordering or online - the online version even has the option for your guests to respond! How cool is that? It's very convenient when you need to know how many people will RSVP  to your event!
They are very affordable and trust me you will not be disappointed if you try Paperless Post cards!
They are true Magic!

Love, Martyna


Well, for one, the designs of Paperless Post offered products are amazing. I’ve very different friends when it comes to art, so convenience of having everything in one place aside, I was mighty happy to see I’ll find something for everyone. It’s a pleasant thought: I won’t have to paint my own postcards for Halloween this year. 
For two, they offer digital postcards. I was always an avid advocate of ebook precisely because of it: the amount of trees we need for those copies we read once or twice at home is terrifying, and in my opinion – it is better to read a digital copy under a tree, than a paperback under a concrete roof. So, a digital postcard, of quality? Yes, please! 
 - Nosferatu xoxo

* all pictures used in the post are copyright to Paperless Post.


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