26 August, 2017

Saturday tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today Laura and I will complete this fun tag:


Hi guys! So today the tag is pretty simple!

We will give you book names and then songs that reminds us of these books for one reason or another!

I hope you'll enjoy it and give us your book-song combo ;)

Martyna Book Songs

1. Twilight

I have mentioned before that I was a part of the Twilight fandom way before any official movies or soundtracks came out. So I had to kind of find everything myself. So this particular song Vanessa Carlton - Twilight, was the ultimate song for me! Even know whenever I fear it on my playlist I immediately think of the book, and how it all looked in my head before the movies came out.
I got to say - it's a nice memory!

2. The Bear and The Nightingale

This is my recent read, that I absolutely loved! And while I was reading it this song from one Russian movie I've seen kept coming to my mind. Maybe because the main character was so similar to the main character in the movie. I dunno but somehow this song just fits.

3. The Giver

I loved this short one! I just don't know why this song fits to this book so well! Maybe because this is also a dystopian, or maybe because the song is really pretty, who knows!
Sorry not sorry!

4. War and Peace

This book brought a lot in me! I did get very emotional about the characters, and I did go to Youtube to see fanmade videos about it, since a really good show came out as well. And I came across one song in particular who will forever be know as the War&Peace song to me.

5. Half Bad

Now this book isn't so popular, which I think it's crazy cause the magic part in this is amazing! I also liked the plot with the main character being Half Bad and being kept the way he did so I played this song over and over in my head because it fitted so good!

Laura Book Songs
I decided to do it only with new releases! Also, because they're new releases I'd had to guess which song fits... I decided to use instrumental songs only! I hope you like them.

1. Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo

Have you seen the movie? It was entertaining and nice. The music, however, was amazing! Therefore, I chose the Wonder Woman: Main Theme cover by Tina Guo. She's very talented! It fits so much with Amazonian rhythm and type of music.

2. Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović

For this book I chose Yumeji's Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi from the movie "In the Mood for Love." The slow kinda flirty rhythm which is saying "hey, I'm a snake. I can betray you any time" fits well I think. Family love must remain strong in this book if they want to survive!

3. A Column of Fire by Ken Follett

The music I chose for this book is the one BTS used in their Love Yourself trailer series. It's composed by the talented Korean composer 신명수 (Shin Myung-Soo). The combination of soft piano in the beginning with the wind/water sounds and the angry, desperate, violins at the end just... chills, my friends. It gives you chills and I think it could fit this historic book very well.

4. Warcross by Marie Lu

What's better than a hacking song for a book about a hacker? This is Mr. Robot: Main Theme by Mac Quayle. I don't about you but this music stresses me a bit... it keeps me on my tiptoes waiting for something happen.

5. There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

And last but not list I chose this Mystery Music by Maurice Spears to go with the "murder and chaos" book! 

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let us know what is your songs that remind you of certain books.


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