08 August, 2017

READING DIVERSE: Is it important to disclose characters sexuality?

Now I know that if you open the right door at the right time, you might finally find a place where you belong.”

Seanan McGuire, Every Heart a Doorway
Today I am not going to talk about a specific book or a list of books I think everybody should read. Instead I will talk about the current topic that was passionately discussed on twitter and that made a lot of queer book lovers angry. 

  • THE VITAL QUESTION: Should you or should you not say the book has queer characters?
This was a central question that was addressed in the last few days. Now you might thing that the answer is as simple as yes or no. And you are absolutely right, tho the only answer to this question should be yes. But let me just say that if you are like me and are new to queer community, you might not go for yes right away. I myself am very guilty of thinking that it is not vital to say the book has queer characters. Despite trying to promote queer books as much as possible I still thought it should be about the story and not about the sexuality of characters, I really thought it was not vital to say the book has queer characters. Now I know this is just my straight person's ignorance that let me to this idea and I am now aware that what I did was wrong. I am determined to always from now on say that vital line and guide people to the right books.

Now you might argue that wait a second, but it is about the story and not sexuality. But think again, how many friends of yours found themselves in these queer books? How many are still looking for representation? Sure for us who are straight it's easy, more than every second book is about straight characters. So as the amazing booktubers I am linking down below already said, if you are straight throw that opinion of yours in the trash and listen what queer people tell you. And they want you to say that the book has queer characters when it does!

And if you are still against disclosing sexuality of characters due to your fear of losing your subscribers then I am sorry but nobody wants homophobic people around them and we don't want you here either!

Here are two videos that really made me realize how wrong I was, let's show our support!


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