28 August, 2017


Happy Monday friends!

This Monday we are making one last stop in Canada and then we'll travel to another country. But as we still need to visit one last great American poet, lets all gather around and enjoy:


Canadian poet Rupi Kaur:
Rupi Kaur (born 5 October 1992) is a Canadian poet, writer, illustrator and performer of Indian descent. She published a book of poetry and prose entitled milk and honey in 2015. The book deals with themes of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. milk and honey has sold over a million copies, reaching #1 and spending over a year on the New York Times bestsellers list. Kaur's first performance took place in 2009, in the basement of the Punjabi Community Health Centre in Malton. Among her more notable works is her photo-essay on menstruation, described as a piece of visual poetry intended to challenge societal menstrual taboos. Rupi Kaur says she draws inspiration from other people's stories and experiences, as well as her own


“you tell me to quiet down cause
my opinions make me less beautiful
but i was not made with a fire in my belly
so i could be put out
i was not made with a lightness on my tongue
so i could be easy to swallow
i was made heavy
half blade and half silk
difficult to forget and not easy
for the mind to follow”

“i struggle so deeply
to understand
how someone can
pour their entire soul
blood and energy
into someone
without wanting
anything in
“you tell me
i am not like most girls
and learn to kiss me with your eyes closed
something about the phrase—something about
how i have to be unlike the women
i call sisters in order to be wanted
makes me want to spit your tongue out
like i am supposed to be proud you picked me
as if i should be relieved you think
i am better than them”


This young woman is my sister, my mother, my aunt, niece, friend - she's me! She understand my inner demons and issues better than I do, I think. The poems she creates are s close, so close to home that I am stunned! 

Rupi is an amazing poet! An amazing young creator that will go into history as a female we will teach our daughters and sons to look up to! I love the line 'you tell me to quiet down cause
my opinions make me less beautiful'
is just to accurate, so what many many women go through that I want to get it tattooed! Thank you Rupi! 
If you want to check more of her work you can visit her website here

See you next Monday!


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