29 July, 2017

Saturday tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I will complete this fun tag:

(in my opinion)

  I absolutely love movies. I basically grew up watching a movie every night. When we got cable, I was so happy that all these wonderful creations were available to me. 

When we got our first VCR, my dad used to say that we solely are maintaining the video renting place, cause my brother and I would go there few times a day!

So here I present, in my opinion only, best book - movie or fine Television adaptations!

Book - Movie Adaptations

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) 

This book has become one of my most favorite ones of all time! It has so many great topics that teaches the right way to raise your kids and to be yourself - it teaches you how to be a kind person to others! The movie was fantastic!!! I am not joking, the movie was brilliant and the characters were cast to perfection! 

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Sometimes, the adaptation does not need to follow the book to the most thinnest line, but still the book just becomes alive on screen! That is the case with this adaptation. There are some things that are changed but in all honesty, the characters are done to perfection, the feel is most Austen-ish as ever and I so far have seen this movie numerous times!

Great Expectations (2012)

Once again it is different from the book, but in all honesty, I don't even care for it! This was so beautifully done, so tastefully created that I was watching it as a new creation that I had never seen or heard of before! The acting is brilliant!

Hamlet (1996)

Shakespeare and I have this relationship, where I believe he is the great-great-grandfather to my soul! Hamlet is such a rich and provoking and tragic play ever written, that sometimes adaptation tends to be over done. But this adaptation is so strange, so weird and so good that I was just speechless!

The Light Between Oceans (2016)

This book was a pleasant find to me and I loved it to bits! The movie was as good as the book! The chemistry between the two leads was so good, that I believed every word they said, I saw the book characters in them and I cried as much as I did while reading the book!

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let me know what is your best book adaptations!


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