11 July, 2017


Title: Sense and Sensibility
Author: Jane Austen
Series: -
Genres:  Romance, Historical
Publisher: Public Domain Books
Release: October 4th, 2009
Source: eBook
Pages: 336

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BLURB: Sense and Sensibility's two heroines - so utterly unlike each other - undergo the most violent passions when they are separated from the men they love. What differentiates them, and gives this extraordinary book its complexity and brilliance is the way each expresses her suffering. Marianne - young, impetuous, ardent - falls into paroxysms of grief when she is rejected by the dashing John Willoughby; while her sister, Elinor - wiser, more sensible, more self-controlled - masks her despair when it appears that Edward Ferrars is to marry the mean-spirited and cunning Lucy Steele. All, of course, ends happily - but not until Elinor's 'sense' and Mariannes' 'sensibility' have equally worked to reveal the profound emotional life that runs beneath the surface of Austen's immaculate art

EXPECTATIONS: It's a book by Jane Austen, hence the expectation was pretty high! Of course, I was not disappointing!

THE WORLD: The plot is set in the 19th century England. Pretty much that's that, the traditions, the clothing, the manners is all as we know from other books or movies. I have to say, I have a disease or maybe it's the actress inside me, but whenever I read a Austen book, or another set in 19th century England (or basically just back in the day), I develop this 'I am one of the characters' attitude and begin to speak and act like them! It's a compulsion don't judge me lol. Actually, I do enjoy reading about the upper class English noble people, the traditions, the manners and the whole air around them. Of course I do understand life was pretty horrible back in the day, but I choose to focus on the world as the book provides me!

CHARACTERS: The plot revolves around the women of the Dashwood family. They recently lost their father, and as the tradition goes at that time (pretty horrible rule if you ask me) that if the father does not any sons, his property and inheritance goes to the next man of kin. In this case Mr. Dashwood has only three daughters and a son from a previous marriage, so his entire estate went to him and not our heroins. Pretty awful right.

So the main character in the book is Elinor - the eldest daughter, who is very scrupulous, smart, well behaved, kind hearted, emotional and a little reserved. She feels everything so deeply, but keeps most of it inside. She takes the death of her father gravely, and if could would simply cry and cry, but she sort of takes the role of the man in the family as her mother is a mess, her younger sister thing of herself only, and the smallest one is lost in her own fictional world. So she has no other choice accept be the realist. I liked Elinor a lot! I liked the way she held herself, how she cared for her family. Marriana Dashwood - the middle daughter. Now I had problems with her. She was so annoying, so self-centered, so spoiled and selfish that I just wanted to shook her and tell her to snap out of the childish self loving game she played with everyone. I mean, here, we all love to read but she took her readings way to far. So constantly kept quoting books or telling that someone was not good enough because they show no passion, no desire to live, no danger and so on. Seriously, I just couldn't sometimes. The littlest sister Margaret reminded me of a character I once created, she was well beyond the year she was born. She wanted to travel, to see the world, she wanted to be a pirate, she climbed trees and I just loved her! She was so cute that if I has little sister like her I would just adore her! I actually didn't like the mother at first, she was too weak for me. I mean what sort of mother lets her daughter to take over as the provider of the house while you just sit back? But she became better towards the end.

The men in the book is just as in every Austen book. We have the good men - Edward and Colonel Brandon, who were very good guys. I truly fell in love with Colonel Brandon, the kindness he gave and Edward for his keeping his word. And of course the bad guy Mr.Willoghby - a user, who I kind of felt sorry for at the end of the book. Of course there are many more fun and good characters, like Mrs. Jennings or Sir John, who were truly kind people.

ROMANCE: From quite the beginning it is clear that Elinor and Edward fell in love, but his family send him off. Then for reasons unknown to me, because she is just a brat Colonel Brandon and Willoghby both love Marriana.

GOOD: It is a fun read, and I liked the deeper issues and problems this book deals with like the possibility of being ruined, because of things that happen to Marriana. Or the fact that women truly were at the men, and what a shame for such times!

BAD: The character of Marriana. Yes, she becomes nice and has this character development at the end, but the way acted and treated Colonel Brandon, Elinor and even Edward is just...I cannot stand such people!

OVERALL: I loved this book. Despite my annoyance with Marriana I still found this book fascinating! I still would re-read it and re-read it and it's just wonderful! I highly recommend it to anyone!

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