01 June, 2017

REVIEW: SERPENT'S KISS by Melissa de la Cruz

Title: Serpent's Kiss
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Series: The Beauchamp Family #2
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Witches
Publisher: Sphere 
Release: 2012
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 384

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Just as things have settled down in the off-the-map Long Island town of North Hampton for the magical Beauchamp family, everything gets turned upside down once more when Freya's twin brother Fryr, or "Freddie" as he's called now, returns from Limbo with shocking news - that it was none other than Freya's fiancé, Killian Gardiner, who set up his downfall.
He begs Freya to keep his presence a secret, even from their own family, but somehow the irascible Freddie is still able to conduct many affairs with the town's young lovelies from his self-imposed exile. Until he falls for the wrong girl.

While Freya tries to keep her brother from exacting revenge on the man she loves, Ingrid has her own problems. Her human boyfriend, Matt Noble, becomes entangled in a complicated investigation, and when the magical creatures at the center of it come to Ingrid for help, she has a difficult choice to make.

To top it off, a dead spirit is trying to make contact with Joanna - but does it mean to harm or warn the witches? All hell breaks loose at the family reunion over Thanksgiving, and much mayhem ensues, but when the culprit behind Freddie's imprisonment is finally revealed, it may already be too late to staunch the poison that's been released by the serpent's kiss.

EXPECTATIONS: Here we go again with the second book in the witchy series. I am still to watch the TV Show, I like the books but the cast of the TV Show...well ain't exactly my thing.

THE WORLD: We are back to the small town where our main characters have been living for a really long time. Why? Because they are witches and witches are sorta immortal, not in the never day way but in always reborn way. And yeah the fact that they are witches...well we are in our times, like basically the world is really like we know it except for a few people that can do witchcraft. Actually in the first book we learned that after Salem trials witchcraft was banned but eventually over the period of the first book our main characters starts using it again. Of course nobody really believes it's witchcraft they do, more like we look at people who say they practice witchcraft...slightly amused and slightly hoping...

CHARACTERS: So you might remember from my previous review that I had a strong opinion formed about both sisters: Freya and Ingrid. I purely disliked first one and really loved the second. However in this book my opinion changed a lot towards one sister and that was Ingrid. Unfortunately, the author decided to spend many pages discussing Ingrid's virginity and her in general inexperience in romance. Tbh I don't buy it, you can be 30 and still a virgin sure, there are many religions that dictate such state of woman. But if you are not religious and been in the world for let's say more than a few hundred years..you have to be either super unattractive or have a horrible character to not have any experience what so ever. And I am not talking about just sex here, first base kissing is all Ingrid knew. So what? You never liked anybody in those many hundred years? Sure if you are a loner or asexual okay but when you are trying to sell Ingrid as super nice and social person...I just really don't buy it. Even this whole thirty and a virgin thing is weird for such person, especially when of course Ingrid is actually really beautiful and all. So if she is attractive, social and really nice...plus also smart...I just really don't get it. And especially why it was so important to write so much about it and how she tries sexy lingerie for the first time and all that...just plain weird. It's when it's 20 something character but it's really sad when it's a non religious 30 years old woman who has actually lived for more than a few hundred years. No intimate contact with anymore is just really really sad, be it sex or simple cuddling. Not being loved ever by people that are not related to you is probably worst thing ever. Anyways, so yea Ingrid became opposite to what she was in the first book and Freya yeah...she is just this dump girl, a gold digger even in today's terms. And in this book we also meet more of their brother...who is a lot like Freya...but hey he is after all her twin.

ROMANCE: So Ingrid and Matt are kinda getting close but the whole relationship felt really forced and awkward for me. And of course Freya has her sex moments. Like really i endured it in first book but now...I just really don't care how many orgasms she had, like come on.

GOOD: Witches and magic, I guess. It was my least favorite book so obviously I didn't find a lot of good in it.

BAD: Ingrid virginity, the way brother was dealing with his problem. Or should I say fucking his problems away. Yeah...talking about women rights...in many cases women are described as such tools that I am shocked this book is written by a female author.

OVERALL: It was okay. Not as good as first one, actually much much worse but it is short so I will go on to the last book.

What do you think about SERPENT'S KISS?