05 June, 2017


Happy Monday friends! I hope you are feeling like traveling, cause today, finally we are diving into my native countries poems, literature and my favorite folk stories! I will introduce you to some of my favorite authors, my favorite songs, books, poems and stories!

So today we are in  Lithuania and we will explore:


Lithuanian poet Paulius Širvys:
Povilas (Paulius) Širvys (September 6, 1920 - March 27 1979) was a Lithuanian poet, editor and journalist. After losing his parents at a very young age, together with brother, lived with relatives in Degučių village. Worked as a Shepard  during summers, and went to school in winter. 1940 graduated from secondary Salų Agriculture Academy. In 140-1941 studied in Vilnius Marine Military Academy. During the war he was captured by Germans twice and escaped from a death camp. After the war worked as an editor for October Victory, Literature and Art, Soviet Rokiškis magazines. From an early age wrote lyrical poems about love, war, life in the village, nature and pure love.


 Our friendship was tender,
Our love was strong,
And I poured all my heart
In a song,
In a song.

Birchtree leaves fell three times,
Thrice grew green again.
I still wait for your letters,
For your letters
In vain.

Days slip by like green fields,
Wilt away like flowers,
Like the cut stems of rye
Fall away
Our hours.

When you look out the window,
Couldn't I sway there and lurch
In the wind, rustling leaves
Like a birch,
Like a birch?

In transparent moonlight
I'd be close to you,
And I'd bathe in the silver
Of the dew,
Of the dew.

And when for the night
You would douse the light,
I would bow and bid you
A good night,
A good night.

Till my longing should wane,
Couldn't I sway there and lurch
In the wind, rustling leaves
Like a birch,
Like a birch?


Širvys is one of my most beloved poets. I discovered him quite recently, and I swear guys, I cried while reading his poem book. His poems are so pure, so naive and just innocent. I am really sad thought that I can't show you the original in Lithuanian, because this poets used such interesting wording to express emotion that it's funny and beautiful and just....ahhh feelings!!!!

His poems hit me right in the heart not because he had such a hard life, but because it's like he is writing about me. I am working on translating this wonderful poem called Liepsnabokščiai Klevai, which would translate into something like The Tall Burning Maples. I really want you to read this poem because it's the most beautiful, pure, innocent words of love I have ever read!

Anyway, let me know what you think guys :)

See you next Monday!