10 June, 2017

BLOGGING 101: How to read more

Often complain I head whenever people are asked why they don't read is I have no time. However, as a book bloggers we all have to find that time for our lovely books no matter our schedule. You all know I have full time job in the lab as a researcher as well as part time job in different lab but despite this 60-80 hours of work per week I still manage to go to gym/dance practice, film videos and most importantly read. How? That is exactly what I am going to talk about today!

We all love that feeling of physical book in your hand, the smell and just pure pleasure of sitting down and reading. However, physical books require special dedication of time, you can carry it with you around and read whenever you have a free minute but I would not recommend it, usually books get destroyed this way. Instead what I do with my physical books is plan some time in advance. My planner is my lifesaver! Usually before the week starts I plan my experiments in the lab, sports and filming and when it is all set I see which days are more free and then I plan certain time for actual reading. Important is that you actually stick with it just like any other important activity on your schedule.

EReader for me will always be an advancement of technology I could not live without. I take it with me everywhere and make sure I have at least ten books to choose from. You know how previously I mentioned that physical copies get ruined when you carry them around? Well that is why eReaders are so awesome! You can put them in a protective cover and carry around for these few minutes reads. It's light, it doesn't break and you can have a huge selection on it!

This is truly a life saver for me. I read about 80% of my books per month in format of audiobook. Depending on your job you might end up being able to listen to them all day long. I for example do it on daily basis while performing my experiment. I also use it in gym and while traveling. It is just so great and all it takes is your phone and a set of headphones.

So I know I talked about ebooks on ereaders already. But what about your mobile phone? Well why not? How many times have you been just sitting there for five minutes pointlessly going through social media just to kill time while waiting for something? Why not then just switch to an ebooks instead? I personally find myself always spending at least 20 minutes on social media without a real purpose before falling asleep. Instead however I chose to put some ebooks on my phone and now instead of wasting these 20 minutes I end up using them for reading. After all every minute counts!

I hope it was helpful and I will see you next time!