20 May, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I am joined by   and together we will complete this fun tag:


  Today we will discuss the books that just makes us happy. If it's a masterpiece, or a guilty pleasure, it doesn't matter really as long as it makes us happy! :)

Books that make Martyna happy

This is a very diverse selection of books, both in genre, quality and plot. But all these books brings me happiness in on way or another.

Water for Elephants was the book I went into not knowing if I will end up liking it and ended up loving it! It's such a beautiful novel.

Well by now you have to know that Jane Austen for me is #1. Hands down!.

Outlander was a wonderful surprise to me that I discovered a couple of years a go. I love this book for the unique twist, time travel, history and of course Jamie Fraser.

I don't think I need to even explain Harry Potter at this point. He was, is and always will be, my home! The book who impacted of how I am shaped now.

Twilight, you ask? Yes, Twilgiht. I enjoyed the first book so much, and went into the whole Twihards phase and I went insane a little. Of course, I am a Twilight fan before the movies came, so I'll let you in on a little secret. My Bella and Edward are Alexis Bledel and Drw Fuller!

Books that make Laura happy

I chose STANDALONES ONLY because they're very easy and quick to read. They start and end badaboom done. We don't have to wait and suffer because of cliffhangers.

  1. Boy and Matilda by Roald Dahl because they're from my childhood. These books are quirky and fun. Even adults will enjoy them.
  2. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater because I love horses, I love mythology, and I love the characters.
  3. Wonder by R. J. Palacio because it has such a deep meaningful story... sometimes sad and sometimes funny it messes up with your feelings but you'll love it.
  4. Taking Flight by Michaela DePrince because this autobiography touched me deeply. Michaela was born in Sierra Leone, she lost her parents to the war and was later adopted in the USA. If you want to read a good story of determination and happiness, read this.
  5. The Siren by Kiera Cass because even though is not the best story it's still a fluff contemporary standalone and can be easily read. That makes me happy.

I haven't included some series because they're not finished and, in my opinion, if the last book of a series is bad or I don't like the ending it breaks the whole series so I'm just waiting to see how they will end to included them or not.

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let us know what book makes you happy!