28 May, 2017


Title: Merrick
Author: Anne Rice
Series: Vampire Chronicles #7
Genres: Paranormal, Classics, Gothic
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback
Release: 2001
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 370

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When last the vampire Lestat was seen, he was rising from the dead in present-day New Orleans to walk again among Anne Rice's unforgettable undead. Now Lestat lives again, but in a twilight world of music and memory.

His charismatic friend Louis de Pointe du Lac is tortured by the memory of the child vampire, Claudia, whom he loved and lost. He calls on Merrick, young and gorgeous mixed-race by-blow of the rich New Orleans Mayfair clan. To save Louis' sanity, Merrick must use her black witchcraft to call up the ghost of Claudia - however dangerous this may be. There are other Mayfair spirits who will not lie still, and her search takes her close to the edge, through blood and terror, ritual and violence.

Sweeping from New Orleans to the Brazilian jungle and the island of Haiti, this is vampire literature at its most tantalising, sexy and irresistible.

EXPECTATIONS: I somehow got myself on this wave where I am just marathoning now the vampire chronicles which of course is way overdue so yes, yet another vampire chronicles book!

THE WORLD: The world is in a way very similar to ours but at the same time different. You see it's more like outside to human eyes is all like we know, but behind that there are mysterious creatures such as vampires and witches who live beside us. But frankly opposite to many other vampire books, in Vampire Chronicles people don't really interfere with humans besides feeding, it's more like they live their own world and humans for them are like lower animals for us.

CHARACTERS:  As the title always tells this book is about Merrick who is a witch. However, despite her being a center of the book it is actually narrated by David after him becoming a vampire. Well maybe not exactly as you get glances in the past, but mainly it is vampire David. And as you probably know by now I really don't like David. He is just such a boring creature! But in general, I am gonna tell you from the beginning that I disliked all of them in this book. I am starting to feel that Anne's characters are just too dramatic and too into existencialist problems. Like today some people go to therapist because they don't know who they are or why there is any point. Well this book takes place before therapists became popular but the idea is pretty much the same. And as for Merrick...yes indeed what a headache she was. I seriously don't get why she did so many things, there is no reason to them! And her past...Anne Rice was really weird in this book, we are away from religion at last but then we get into this Cold Sandra and other stuff...whaaat why do you do this to me?
ROMANCE: David loves Merrick at this time period but then she kinda puts a spell on Louis so he goes mad with love and things happen. Again I don't even get why Merrick did put that spell in the first place? And the romance in Anne's books is still the same, everybody loves everybody. Like they meet somebody for a few minutes and then declare 'oh but I love you, I love so...' I never noticed this before but at this point it is really starting to get on my nerves.

GOOD: I really liked the idea of  being back in New Orleans, damn it's literary the only place I want to visit in USA and it's just pulling me, tho not as much as getting through Originals tv show :D

BAD:  Maybe it is just really me but there is something in Anne's writing that I cannot pull through. I honestly did not enjoy this book, not a single bit.

OVERALL: So yeah...this was book 7 and I am atm finishing book 8 so I am determined to finish the series because Anne is this goddess of my teenager years and pretty much the IT person of my closest friends circle but still...my taste or her writing...something really has changed over the years.

What do you think about MERRICK?