07 April, 2017


Title: Huntress
Author: L.J. Smith
Series: Night World #7
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Vampires
Publisher: Archway Paperbacks
Release: 1997
Source: Printed copy
Pages: 226

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Blood Fever
Jez Redfern is unique. She's a vampire hunter... who's half vampire. Raised in the Redfern family, the girl with fiery hair and silvery-blue eyes was the undisputed leader of a gang of vampire raiders. Then came the discovery that shattered her life-- her mother was a human. Now, Jez hunts her former friends, protecting humans from the Night World.

But when Circle Daybreak sends her on a search for one of the legendary Wild Powers, Jez has to rejoin her old gang. They want her back-- especially Morgead, the gorgeous green-eyed vampire who used to be her second-in-command. Jez wants to stay faithful to Hugh Davis, the human she loves. But Morgead swears he's her soulmate and he'll do anything to lure her back to the old ways. With danger and temptation around, Jez finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. And she's afraid that if she tastes blood again, she'll become the evil huntress she once was...

EXPECTATIONS: After Soulmate being my favorite book of the series so far I was a little bit worried about this one...But I finished Soulmate and literary started Huntress after like it was same book so it turned out to be okay.

THE WORLD: We are back to vampires and humans. The Night World just gets better and better. 

CHARACTERS: This time we are with Jez. A reckless teenager who is part of a vampire gang who kills vampire hunters. Or humans for that matter. But then Jez finds out she is actually part vampire part human which should not be possible and she leaves the gang. It turns out Jez is living double life. One with the gang and other being a good little girl living with her uncle and aunt after her parents were killed when she was little. She also has a cousin Claire. Anyways let's talk about Jez...so after Hannah she seemed kinda pale to me. Tho not annoying which always a plus. But I must admit, I wasn't always really following Jez's thoughts, she was kinda confusing at times. Who I did love however was Morgead. Damn I don't care how book described him he is this sexy strong man in jeans and flashing his six pack under sleeveless shirt cuz his muscular shoulders don't fit into any T-shirt. Oh yeah, sexyyyyyy! Okay now I normally don't lust after such images but there was just something about Morgead that made me wanna deflower him right on the spot :D 

ROMANCE: Jez and Morgead are soulmates. But not an annoying type. I mean okay in the end it got a bit cheesy but before that they were super funny. Morgead would tell her he is her soulmate and Jez would tell him to go away basically :D Ah a good dose of laughing for sure. 

GOOD: Obviously Morgead. But truly it was a good book on itself. My favorite still stays to be Soulmate but this one is an easy second favorite. 

BAD: Claire. She was this annoying little brat of a sister/cousin. That girl just had to have her nose into everything. 

OVERALL: Enjoyed it very much. Some books in this series were not that good but they are worth going through just for Soulmate and Huntress! Trust me, good good good! Plus sexy Morgead! 

What do you think about HUNTRESS?