25 March, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I will complete this fun tag:


  I am a massive lover of anything to do with musicals, so the world Disney has created just sings to my soul! 

 I enjoy some stories more than other, and I haven't seen all Disney movies, or know all the songs just yet, but I can say that I have shared and watched a good amount of these films to have my own opinion on which is good and which ones are only watchable. 

Nevertheless, I still stand by my opinion that Disney was not only a money making machine and truly has made some of the most inspiring, wonderful and emotional films

So I created this tag to share the love for these wonderful creations! I tag anyone who want to do it, just make sure to let me know where to go to check your answers :)  

Martyna's Life in Disney

1. Favorite Disney Princess/Hero

Pocahontas & Anastasia

These two ladies will forever be my number one Disney Princesses. My first ever backpack had Pocahontas on it, and I had a pencil case with her. I used to have very very long hair and I would always imagine it just blazing around like hers did :D and I remember I cried for days that I have blue eyes not brown. To me Pocahontas just embodies the beauty of how wild can a woman's spirit be.

Anastasia, is a rebel, and I will always stand with the rebels! I am very fascinated with the history and tragedy of The Romanov family, and the legend of Anastasia escaping, I think that is why this movie just stuck with me for so long! The way Anya held herself didn't ask the boy to save her really appied to me as a child! Rebel 4life!

2. The First Disney Movie Ever Seen.

The Little Mermaid, was the first ever Disney cartoon I saw. I remember my dad took my brother and me to see it in the movie theater and I loved it! I love love love the ocean, water just speaks to me I feel, so I became just amazed by these creatures called mermaids, and now I never pass the opportunity to read a book or watch a documentary about them.

 I am a believer, they are out there!

3. Your Favorite Disney Movie.

Sleeping Beauty. For some reason I always liked Sleeping Beauty, even as a fairy tale, I would always go back to this one, or Snow White. Why? Maybe because they get to sleep, and I love sleep. I think it's because of the horror aspect. Since from a very young age I read Stephen King novels as Sunday paper, I think the horror element in these tales just attracted me more than any other Disney tales. I mean, they both are cursed for no reasons, they both have to endure horrible things, Aurora being ripped away from her parents, and Snow White just running or her life.

I even love the horror adaptation of Snow White, it's the most wonderful movie (not the one with Kristen Stewart. It's called Snow White: A Horror Tale, check it out). So I would really love love love to see a Sleeping Beauty horror version.

4. Your least favorite Disney Movie.

Frozen. For some reason I just cannot get on board with this one. I mean, when people would start, Oh she is the first princess to not need a prince, or to save the day, or to be a feminist, a strong female, I was like excuse me? What about Pocahontas, Anya, or Kida or Belle? So I dunno, I just don't like Frozen.

5. Favorite Disney Prince/Hero.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. I think he is funny and adorable!

6. Favorite Villain(s).

 Maleficent or



 I just love the humor of these two, it's fantastic!!! They are so evil, but like do it with a class :D

7. Favorite Animal Sidekick.

Miko from Pocahontas. I just love this little racoon and would do nothing else just love him, feed him and never leave him!

8. Favorite Disney Song(s).


Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas! This song has everything our modern society needs to listen and finally understand! I am not even joking.

Once Upon a December - Anastasia. I can't even begin, this song just moves my deepest emotional strings and I become one of the dancing girls in the movie! Who knows maybe I was a Russian aristocrat in my past life.

9. Disney World You Would Love To Live In.

I would either love to live in the Jungle, from The Jungle Book, cause I love animals, so I would be in heaven just to be surrounded by them all and be able to communicate with them!

Or I would love to live in Atlantis, under water in an ancient city filled with wonderful undiscovered things and traditions!

10. Tale or Story Disney Should Make Into A Movie.

Little Red Ridding Hood. I only know this very very very old version that Disney made, so it would be amazing to actually have a new beautiful version of this amazing fairy tale. Wouldn't hurt to have an live action movie with some horror elements in it as well :D

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let me know what your life looks in Disney!