28 March, 2017


Title: Spellbinder
Author: L.J. Smith
Series: Night World #3
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Vampires
Publisher: Archway Paperbacks
Release: 1996
Source: Printed copy
Pages: 238

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Blaise's black magic is powerful. The only way Thea can fight back is to use her own white magic, to bewitch Eric herself as a bluff. But soon Thea finds herself getting too close to Eric, feeling forbidden emotions, breaking Night World laws by falling in love. As halloween and the Night of the Witch draw closer, can Thea save Eric and herself from Blaise's revenge?

EXPECTATIONS: If there are witches in the book I am already happy.

THE WORLD: Pretty much same as in previous books of the series. Except that this time we get to read about witches instead of vampires and werewolves, yay! 

CHARACTERS: So I think there are two main characters in this book: Blase and Thea. They are like sisters yet again expelt from another school because of Blase's use of black magic. But this time they have to behave and so when Blase desides to bewitch Eric Thea decides she needs to take him instead and prevent Blase from ruining another boy. That's pretty much the main plot of this book. As you probably already got I am not a fan of Blase, frankly she was just a spoiled little brat that needed a good slap. Thea was literary giving up her future just so Blase would not be punished. I really don't get these kind of friendships. Blase was evil period. And I get that L.J. Smith kinda tried to make her good again by the end of the book but nope sorry nothing is gonna justify Blase's behavior. She was just a brat say whatever you want. And Thea...yeah...well for me she was way too boring. A goody goody one that always puts Blase first. I cannot handle such characters, seriously. Anyways then we get the soulmate shit again and I ended up almost throwing the book into the wall.

ROMANCE: #soulmatesmakemewannapuke

GOOD: Witches. Even tho Blase did annoy me to no end I still enjoyed the witchery part. They did many spells and talked about magic as spiritual thing and just yeah...love love love witchcraft. 

BAD: I know this series is about soulmates. I know it is the curse that has been going around Night World. But I am still not okay with it. The insta love is killing me. 

OVERALL: This was definitely better than previous books mainly because of witchcraft. But in general if you are looking relaxing short read this is definitely a series to go to. And yeah...besides my complains it is really not all that bad :D

What do you think about SPELLBINDER?