30 March, 2017


Title: Dark Angel
Author: L.J. Smith
Series: Night World #4
Genres: YA, Paranormal, Vampires
Publisher: Pocket Books
Release: 1996
Source: Printed copy
Pages: 240

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After a near death experience, Gillian returns to her body accompanied by an angel who helped her come back. An invisible guardian that only Gillian can see, he helps her achieve the popularity she has always yearned for. But then, Angel begins to make bizarre demands. At last, Gillian must face the terrifying question: What kind of being has she brought back from the Other Side?

EXPECTATIONS: Apparently Night World was super huge at some point when I was still a child and had no idea it existed but oh well better later than never right? Besides I really like a concept of one big world being all connected!

THE WORLD: Same as in previous books. In this case we are in a little town of an unimportant name and follow a young high school girl. It's a witchery story. 

CHARACTERS: In this book our main character is named Gillian and as I already mentioned is a high school girl. She is nobody, an unseen mouse till one day she heard a scream for help and while trying to save a drowning girl she drowns herself. Or would have if an angel in the in between would have not talked her into going back. Tho this time angel stays by her side and helps her be 'loved'. Aka makes her beautiful and popular. Which if you know my taste with books really got on my nerves. Somehow everything is great only when you are the most pretty girl in school aka from what I understood from the way Gillian had to dress up more like the person who looks like a striptese dancer...but yeah you have to be so popular that everybody loves you and those who don't are too scared of your popularity to ever say it. And then boys fall under your feet, they all want to be next to you and they all want to make a party for you and so on and yeah...only then life is really good. Gillian was just so dumb most of the time that I really considered DNFing this book for a few times. But it is very short so I ended up finishing it. I must say the Angel is a pain in the ass. 

ROMANCE: This was really funny. So okay Gillian has been in same Biology class with this guy whole year and he never actually saw her. When he found her after her drowning accident he thought she was 12 years old. But then next day Gillian comes all sluty and apparently beautiful to school, everybody and I mean every single boy wants her. And of course this guy also suddenly is falling for her. And then in the end she figures out that actually happiness is not popularity and being most wanted but hey the dude still says he loves her and that they are soulmates. But then hello your soulmate was sitting in same class with you whole year and you never saw her but then boom she gets all slutty and suddenly she is your soulmate. I just didn't get it, really. 

GOOD: There are witches and magic in this book which always makes me super happy,

BAD: Now surprisingly the soulmate thing did not bother me as much as before, I guess I am just getting used to it. But what did annoy me was this angel dude, I mean come on. The ending was just whaaaat?

OVERALL: I think it was one of the weakest books of the series. But I have by now read also next books in the series and trust me it is worth to go on. Oh so so worth it. 2,5/5 stars. 

What do you think about DARK ANGEL?