12 January, 2017


Title: Evolution:The Protectors of Earth
Author: Shadow Cheah
Series: The Protectors of Earth #1 
Genres: YA, Dystonian, Supernatural
Publisher: Wattpad
Release: September 24th, 2016

Source: Paparback
Pages: 203

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Have you ever tried to keep a secret for 11 years?

I have.

But apparently, the United Government of Earth has one-upped me by keeping an even bigger secret for s experienced changes not only in its environment, but in its inhabitants.

The radiation and viral attack had changed animals and humans, giving them disabilities and death, but also powers. Now human are confined in walled Citybases which safe guard them from these mutated beasts we call Legres, and the government hide the existence of the genetically affected humans with powers beyond imagination. And even though I don’t know it yet, I am on
three century.

My name is Abigail Beckett, and this is 2415; the human race is no longer the only intellectual species on this planet. After 9 bio-nuclear bombs that destroyed half the globe in 2092, the world ha
ve of them.

EXPECTATIONS: I received this book for an honest review :) Thank you so much for sending it to me and asking me to read and become a part of your world! Before we begin I have to point out that I did not unfortunately enjoy this book, however, I understand the hard work and long hours the author spend writing and creating this world, so I apologize for not liking this book.

THE WORLD: Okay so let's jump to the world! In this book we are introduced to a whole new, different world. The year is 2415 and the world we know now is gone! By the beginning of this book, there has been World War 3,4 and 5 and a nuclear bomb has exploded causing severe mutation for people and animals (called Legres). Terms like countries, towns, cities and cultures do not exist anymore and people live in these Citybases, that are surrounded by high walls so the dangerous mutated animals wouldn't get in. The interesting thing is that the mutation also affected people, so now they either die from the mutation or have super powers. I actually have some thoughts about this but I will discuss this in the Bad part of the review.

CHARACTERS: The main protagonist and the narrator of this story is Abigail Bennett. She is actually a girl with the power of reading minds and making things go up up up. I have to admit I liked Abigail for first 20 pages, because she resembled a teenager who is just a teenager, hates her brother and just simply goes to school. So she is living a normal life until one day her school is attached by a Legre and she finally reveals she has super powers. Then in a matter of like half a page she is on a plane to this school for people who have super gifts and from there you can basically turn on the X-Men movie.  It's the exact same thing.

Besides Abigail, we have other super gifted kids like Natalie, Owen, Tom, Kevin who was super strong and so on, I just called them like in the X-Men movies Tom was Piro, Fred was the ice guy, Abigail - Rogue, well you get the idea. Honestly, I didn't relate to anyone in this book. The students were typical boarding school kids and adults were stupid.

ROMANCE: Abigail is torn between Tom, and later on Fred, but that is not made really obvious, but you pretty much get the idea that she is the only one who can calm Fred down (eye roll). If being honest, I did like Fred a little, the visuals for him using his ice powers would look cool on screen.

GOOD: I liked the idea and the plot in general.

BAD: As always I will be numerating the things I didn't like just to make sure I wouldn't forge: 1. X-Men fanfiction - of course I understand that this is not, and the author did spend hours thinking and creating the world, but to me it absolutely felt that way. 2. Confusing world - I think having so many wars and then nuclear bombs and mutation was too much. The term Dark Ages was also used in this book and I got confused if its in relation to medieval times as we know it or the war times during the book period. I dunno just a lot of confusion to me. 3. Every one is a genius - Abigail spends two seconds in school and suddenly can separate minds in her read and focus on one only. Or she just arrives to the school and has a power fight with Fred who called her new girl, they destroy the canteen for no reason. Just because of the plot.  I...I can't.

OVERALL: Honestly, I think I am too old for this book, or this book would actually be a better screenplay and would made a fun movie to watch.

What do you think about EVOLUTION: PROTECTORS OF EARTH?