15 November, 2016


Title: Great Expectations
Author: Charles Dickens
Series:  -
Genres: Classics, Romance, Adventure
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Source: Physical Copy

Pages: 505

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BLURB: Great Expectations, Dickens' funny, frightening and tender portrayal of the orphan Pip's journey of self-discovery, is one of his best-loved works. Showing how a young man's life is transformed by a mysterious series of events - an encounter with an escaped prisoner; a visit to a black-hearted old woman and a beautiful girl; a fortune from a secret donor - Dickens' late novel is a masterpiece of psychological and moral truth, and Pip among his greatest creations.

I have read Great Expectations when I was in sixth or seventh grade but I have very little memory of it actually. I remember more of a movie than of a book itself, the only thing I do remember was that I really loved the book and well okay I really loved the movie too.

THE WORLD: Old old times. Nah actually not that old. Just old, like one old instead of two. No actually I don't really know which year it was, well the time there still was Little Britain I guess hehe.

CHARACTERS: So our main character I think is called Phillip but he goes by Pip. Actually he enters into a contract that binds him to only go by Pip so yeah Pip it is. He is an orphan who lives with his much older sister and her husband Joe. At first Pip is just a young boy around five years old or so. But throughout the book we see how Pip becomes a man. Frankly I was not a big fan of Pip as a child, he was alright I guess but I did not feel much affection towards him. A teenager Pip was more annoying than alright but it all got fixed by a grown up Pip. I absolutely love him as a grown up man, I find him very wise and responsible and I loved how he was with miss Havisham till the end. Very fine gentlemen. Now next there is Estella of course, blah how much I disliked her from the beginning till the end. I just did, I don't care that she was raised this way. I just really don't like her. And then there were other people, like Joe and Pip's sister...I loved naive Joe but Pip's sister was a nightmare. Also the village people, omg so annoying.

LOVE: So yeah pretty obvious Estella and Pip were supposed to be together. Well frankly I really liked the end of the book. I think it was a very wise thing to do.

PLUS: It was a weird story but I cannot say I didn't enjoy it. Tho I did not love it as much as the first time.

MINUS: Language. Sooo annoying. Also how sexist Dickens was. And I am not joking, I got the vibe from the beginning so then I went to google my issue and of course as many writers of that time, Dickens was a huge sexist. And you can really feel it in the book.

OVERALL: I am happy I reread the book but as I already mentioned I did not love it as much as I did when a child. I also think movie is slightly better than a book.

P.S. it is a second time I am writing this review cuz my work Mac didn't save my first review. Hrrr. So yeah not too detailed I guess. 

What do you guys think about GREAT EXPECTATIONS?