09 September, 2016

REVIEW: B.S.INCORPORATED by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

Title: B.S.Incorporated
Author: Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss
Series: -
Genres: Fiction, Adult fiction, contemporary, comedy
Publisher: Wise Inc Creative Publishing

Source: Paperback
Pages: 342

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Business Solutions, Inc. is falling apart at the seams. While employees kill time stalking free snacks and filming porn in the HQ stairwells, the company’s co-CEOs bring in shadowy corporate consultants to shake up their business in ways even they don’t understand.

As the communications manager tasked with translating C-suite doublespeak, Will Evans is constantly torn between his blue-collar warehouse past and his white-collar future. When he is put in charge of rolling out a dubious strategy the consultants brand Optelligence, Will is thrust deep into a muddle of absurdity and responsibility he never expected.

Enter Anna Reed, corporate mercenary with heels as high as her ambition. To her, BSI is just a steppingstone to a better job at a smarter company. Demoted to Will’s team on her first day, she’s ready to steamroll anyone to get her career back on track.

When BSI is pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, Will hatches a covert plan that just might save them all. But he needs Anna’s cunning and courage to pull it off. Can Anna, the consummate job jumper, find a reason to go all-in on BSI? Or is she better off bailing and letting the company go down in flames?


I received this book in exchange for an honest review! I was very exited to read this book because I am (and always will be) a huge fan of the TV show The Office, so I thought this book is going to bring all these giggly and bubbly feelings of that show. So going in I had some expectations, and in a way I got everything I was expecting!

THE WORLD: Just our ordinary everyday world you and I live in. There is no magic, there are no supernatural beings or stuff like that, it's just a simple office surrounding of a corporation company. The plot takes place inside the office building for a company called B.S.Incorporated (Business Solutions Incorporated), which is an office supply company, that is like number one in the country, they can provide everything from a chair or a copier to like a simple number 2 pencil. Thus, while you read this book you basically live in the office, which I had fun with. When I would read the book I would be there, present, together with the characters and when I'd stop reading, I'd go home, and then start to read the next day, just like going to work :D Crazy, yes! But, fun!

CHARACTERS: I have to say the characters in this book are fantastic! I mean, in real life, I do work for a huge corporation company and God, when I was reading this book I totally saw all these people I work with instead of these characters! But the main two leads are William Evans, a go to guy! He made his way in the company from the warehouse to the main office being in the same room with the CEO's. He is super hard working, he likes things just the way they are and he is just a nice, good guy. Then we have Anna Reed, she is confident, independent and has killer heels! I remember reading this passage about how she wore really uncomfortable shoes her first day at work to make an impression and I was like 'You Go Girlfriend!. I really liked Anna, sure in the beginning she really came off as arrogant but believe me, push this thought away this is not the case! And I also just love her life plan that she creates for herself :D I do that too :D So basically they are each others opposite sides but when times and need comes they work together to make things better.

Of course there are a number of other characters, but to be honest I didn't really pay attention to their names, I just called them, the HR guy, the HR woman, the funny guy. But I did find the assembly of characters funny, well written and really just portraying people the way they are in an office. I mean the way each and every one of them were described suited people I know in real life so well :D Like the HR lady, spot on :D or the office funny guy...I can't even you guys!

LOVE: Honestly, we don't get much love in this book. I mean we do get background on Anna's ex, and I did think/still do, that Will and Anna will get together, cause they had a lot of cute moments.

PLUS: The plot. I mean it's just a simple plot about what is going in a huge corporate company and I loved that! I mean everything there is absolutely true! I loved the way this book was written. It had 3rd person narrative, thought of the characters were incorporated into the narrative (brilliant). Also what I love was the short emails the characters shared through their work email, the conversation between them, the Facebook posts, even the short magazine headlines about the company. Brilliant!!!! There is even a Lord of the Rings references in it :D Sold! Sold! Sold!

MINUS: There were times when it was a little difficult for me to follow the book, because there were a lot of unknown words to me, or the plot got confusing a little.

OVERALL: I am so grateful to the authors and publishers for giving me this opportunity to read this book. I truly loved it a lot and I had such a great time, I laughed out loud, I wrote some quotes down to remember them, I even started a new life plan like Anna did. I would recommend this book for people who just want to become a little bit more familiar with how things are run at a corporate company, because this book talks about it beautifully. So over all, 4 out of 5 stars! 


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