13 August, 2016


Title: Finding Cinderella
Author: Colleen Hoover
Series: Hopeless #2.5
Genres: NA, Romance, Contemporary
Publisher: Atria Books
Source: Library book
Pages: 90

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A chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen-year-old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other. But this love comes with conditions: they agree it will only last one hour and it will only be make-believe.

When their hour is up and the girl rushes off like Cinderella, Daniel tries to convince himself that what happened between them only seemed perfect because they were pretending it was perfect. Moments like that with girls like her don’t happen outside of fairytales.

One year and one bad relationship later, his disbelief in insta-love is stripped away the day he meets Six: a girl with a strange name and an even stranger personality. Daniel soon realizes the way he pretended to feel about Cinderella and the way he really feels about Six may not be so different after all. Especially when the two loves of his life end up being one in the same.

Unfortunately for Daniel, finding Cinderella doesn’t guarantee their happily ever after…it only further threatens it.

Back when I was in a reading slump in spring I read Never, Never by Colleen Hoover and I really enjoyed it. So when I saw her name again I just grabbed Cinderella without looking twice. It turns out it is a novella to Hopeless and guess what? I have never read Hopeless. Sadly I found it our only after I read Cinderella :D

THE WORLD: It is more or less New Adult book set in our world. Jup, just the one you and I live in, nothing special.

CHARACTERS: So in this book eventually we have two main characters but really it is about Daniel, a friend of Hoover and Sky that most of you know from the Hopeless. The book starts with Daniel staying in the maintenance closet during fifth period and a girl falling in. The play a game where they pretend to be in love, have sex but never reveal their true identity - as in never turn on the light. Then the book fast forwards and we meet same Daniel but now dating some famous girl from school and being just well simple teenager. I actually really liked Daniel, there is something about the way Colleen Hoover writes some of her characters, they are simple but very likable. But...yes so Daniel eventually meets Six who just came back from Italy and so they sorta insta fall in love. But do not get me wrong, I hate insta love except in this case...here it actually made sense. I know, right? Weird. However, when it comes to Six I have to point out that it is just a nickname. Her actual name is Seven....what is up with the names really. But I personally have no feeling about her, she was just a prop to me in this book, I did not care about her story and her secrets. I just didn't. Tho when they did come out I was more of a "what nonsense" rather than " whaaaaaat?". Yeah, so that happened.
LOVE:  It is a contemporary romance novella so of course it is all about love. Again, it is a case of insta love that made sense so I guess that is okay.

PLUS: I already mentioned this but for some reason I really liked Daniel. I just hope that now when I go read Hopeless novels I won't be disappointed. Hehe reading book series backwards...a first for me.

MINUS: There was some heavy nonsense concerning Six towards the end but I kinda choose to ignore it. Plus at first I was really confused about the ending in general...yeah that was before I found out it is a novella taking place after Hopeless duology.

OVERALL: Pretty much give me Hopeless and Losing it now. So far Colleen Hoover has not disappointed, no oh no. Plus, I normally hate contemporary romance so big thumbs up for writing a book that made me, an anti-contemporary person, all fluffy inside :D


What did you think of FINDING CINDERELLA?