01 July, 2016

JULY TBR of Laura

So if you remember June's tbr wasn't supposed to be long because I had lots of exams and stuff... well, turns out I procrastinate by reading because I hate studying so now I have already read a few July reads... but still got lots more!
For the Goodreads group All our TBR's I will read Passenger and I'll Give You The Sun. Then I will read The Crown, This Savage Song, and Me Before You. The rest I have already read and reviews will be coming soon.

GREAT NEWS! I will be visiting HannahCassie on the second weekend of July! Yayyyy! We will record videos so I ask you guys to please send us ideas for the videos (reviews, challenges, Q/A, etc)
BUT I will be going back to Spain mid-July and I will be on a ballet summer intensive for 2 weeks so I won't be very active on the blog :( I'll probably be most active during weekends writing reviews and such.

Are there any books you want us to review in particular? If you'd like to suggest a book to Hannah, Martyna, and/or me to read for August please use the Contact Us tab above.