21 July, 2016

HannahCassie Ain't Rory Gilmore This Time

Good morning, my lovelies.

So as you can see there is no video today. Now theoretically I could have filmed it at 4.30am last night before I went to sleep but I am kinda too grows to the public right now. See the thing is normally I am really good with planning things and last time when I studied for exam it went all very well. Well this time my let's do what Rory Gilmore does plan did not work that well. Now, don't judge. I did exactly as I did last time, except this time my memorizing for exam equals memorizing a telephone book. Jup, useless bunch of stuff that you will ever ever need only if google crashes. The reasoning of our bunch of unorganized professors is simple "You need to know the old outdated technologies to appreciate the new ones". More like we are old and don't know new stuff so let's study something we did 50 years ago. Yeah, I think it is pretty clear I hate the module I have right now. Worst mistake I did ever concerning my studies. But on Friday it will be over. 

So yeah got off topic a little bit. Yes, well so there is no video today. I am truly sorry but I am about to explode.