21 May, 2016


Today is a big day because our blog is welcoming a new contributor - Martyna! 

We are so excited and happy to expand out little team and also to expand our reviewing boarders because Martyna is a fan of classics as well as historical fiction books! So prepare my lovelies because boy oh boy this is going to be awesome! 

P.S. Martyna's first review is coming up on 23rd of May, are you excited? I know we cannot wait! 

Hi all I’m Martyna. 
Currently I am living under the Lithuanian sky! 
Unlike HannahCassie or Laura I’m already done with my studies (I have bachelor in English philology and a master’s degree in communication and marketing), so I already entered the adult world (not that fun).
I really love theater. 
I belong to a theater company called MINIMUM for almost 5 years now.
I also love cinema and of course reading! 
I’m also pretending to be a writer and have been fiddling with few projects myself for some time. Hope I’ll finish it eventually. 
That’s that and please enjoy the blog, I’m sure you’ll find everything you want here!