03 December, 2015


Christmas! How many of you are going to ask for books as presents? ME! I always ask for either books or money so that I can buy books xD Alright, something very important... like every Christmas I will be going back to Spain to spend the holidays with my family and because I don't get to see them often I usually don't read much (besides my mom always keeps me busy) so I'm sorry but I won't be posting much... Hannah and I have both set up some posts to fill these "blank" two weeks so do not worry and of course you can still contact us!
Now, which books did I pick? As you can see I managed to read all November books plus 4 books that were originally set up for December! (must be a record...) so for those two weeks of December I have before going to Spain I will read Gravity and Rarity from the Hollow!

Are there any books you want us to review in particular? If you'd like to suggest a book to Hannah and/or me to read for January please use the Contact Us tab above.