28 December, 2015

REVIEW: RUINS by Dan Wells

Title: Ruins
Author: Dan Wells
Series: Partials Sequence #3
Genres: YA, Dystopian, Science Fiction
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Source: Library physical copy
Pages: 464

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Kira, Samm, and Marcus fight to prevent a final war between Partials and humans in the gripping final installment in the Partials Sequence, a series that combines the thrilling action of The Hunger Games with the provocative themes of Blade Runner and The Stand.

There is no avoiding it—the war to decide the fate of both humans and Partials is at hand. Both sides hold in their possession a weapon that could destroy the other, and Kira Walker has precious little time to prevent that from happening. She has one chance to save both species and the world with them, but it will only come at great personal cost.
The third and final book in Partials Sequence trilogy, oh boy oh boy I was so excited! I literary marathoned this series!

THE WORLD: The world gets even more interesting in this book. Besides the Island where humans live we finally get a look at the partials' everyday life and their cities. It was crazy really, very military but I loved it! And also we have war in progress with partials invading human territory and all rebels and all and just yeah wow. It is a pretty awesome world!

CHARACTERS: Well in this book the amount of characters really improved but I will stick to the most main ones. Let's starts with Kira, I have to admit, her being all whinny was a little bit annoying and her monologues got kinda long but I still love her, she is a natural leader and a perfect female lead! Next to her there is Marcus who really grew on me since book one, he is funny and smart and very creative, he definitely made to top 3 for me from the very bottom. Marcus is a great example that Dan Wells does not just write plot based books but has also some really good character growth in them! Now, Samm...I am not sure, his parts in the beginning were a little bit boring but I guess all in all it is okay, I love how much he is devoted to Kira and well...love is love I guess. So jup, go Samm! Next, Heron. So you know how I liked her in Isolation and in Fragments she was pretty cool, well in this book she was really annoying! She just did not make any sense to me, I mean seriously. I am not saying Dan Wells wrote her wrong, I think he did a brilliant job! It is that she is a mirror of some people I know and they really make no sense to me just as her. Alright so as I mentioned there are  many characters in this book so no surprise I found rather few I hate. But my mostly hated is Areal, omg she should have just died. Yeah her adopted mother tested them as children by asking them to play some activity games and noting their behavior. Yeah boohoo big deal. But no Areal hates her for that, for ruining her childhood and wants to kill the mother because you know she is EVIL. Oh please, people like Areal always tend to scream loudest even they are the most stupid. It is just like "your food is contaminated with DNA". I hate people like this so much. And on top of having Areal we also get to read about Isolde...I mean what is wrong with people, if really such people survives apocalypse then thank you but no I am not interested in saving the human race. I mean seriously, she is 17 and her biggest wish is to have a baby and how she feels the maternity instincts and all blah blah. Yeah right, I am so "believing" you, Isolde. Lack of intellect more like it. You do not get a child when you ARE a child. So annoying!

LOVE: Kira and Samm forever :D

PLUS: Dan Wells did a great job picturing humans. Say what you want but humans are a lost cause. Like seriously, they get off to blow up a nuclear bomb on partials and sure it will reach humans, radiations will kill the rest of them but as there is a saying or something "I can die as long as they are dead too". Just a perfect illustration of humans limitations. And also Areal and Isolde and their babies. Of that senator who wants to take a baby who is a bio weapon and kill off all partials, the baby can die for all she cares. I understand so so much why the Trust people chose Partials and not humans. This book showed so well that humans are just not worth saving.

MINUS: What really annoyed me was Kira trying to prove how humans are equal to partials. I mean Partials have it all just like humans and plus all your senses way improved. Of course they are a superior race just like humans are superior to the monkeys. In nature, only superior races survive so it was natural that humans were gonna die out. I did not like what Kira was trying to prove, it was plainly against biology and she is supposed to be a scientist. So I think it is safe to say that no, I did not like the ending of this book.

MINUS II: I also really did not like the whole nuclear bomb ending, I was so shocked. I mean seriously! And Armin...wasn't he supposed to be a genius? Why all geniuses are always portrayed evil? I will never understand it.

EXTRA: I have to admit, I am so team Partials! I love the series but I hate the ending, I think it was too unrealistic.

What do you guys think about RUINS?