02 November, 2015

WRAP UP: October of HannahCassie

Noooooo! Halloween cannot be over! I refuse to accept it! But my Jo leBoo by the door is getting all dry and you can see him dying, so sad! I want Halloween again! It was so cool, watched all the movies I wanted, got ODed on candy :D And my boyfriend made me a pumpkin exactly like I wanted it! Out Jo leBoo is just perfect!
I also tried to read something scary or halloweenish this year but did not work out that well. I managed to read four books from my October TBR list and then I read three additional books! I guess The Infernal Devices just gonna have to move to November TBR list! But I am currently reading Clockwork Prince so whoop whoop!

So what I actually did read in OCTOBER?

5/5 stars

5/5 stars

3/5 stars

4/5 stars

So in total it is what seven books? I am pretty happy to be honest, better than last month! Plus I also read one ARC, I am terrible when it comes to ARCs but yay I managed to write a review for it right on it's publication day! I also managed to catch up with Throne of Glass series and boy oh boy I am loving it! Especially Manon, I am obsessed! I want the next book now! Six of Crows sadly was a disappointment to me, I love Grishas and well there were not much of that in the book. I also started two new series, the Selection which is crazy famous, it is not my favorite but I will go on reading the rest of the books and then Born Wicked series which I love love love! I already ordered the second and third book in the series and cannot wait to read more!

What did you read in the month of OCTOBER?