09 October, 2015

BOOKS TO TV: Shadowhunters Teaser Trailer

Yesssss we finally have our first teaser trailer for ABC upcoming Shadowhunters TV Show! 

It came out yesterday and I know I am a little bit late but I hope you forgive me for that. Soooo....I have to be honest, the cast really worries me from day one but now that I have seen them in action...I don't know. Just many dots I guess. I do not like the girl playing Clary, she is too passive for me and her voice just dunno, sounds rather weird, at least not how Clary should sound to me. I also do not like Jace but then I have no idea who should play him to be perfect for me, really don't. But then others...well others I do like! I was again skeptical when they cast them but now that I have seen then in the teaser trailer, so much better! I just really really hope the show is going to turn out good and will not be just another TVD!

What do you guys think about Shadowhunters teaser trailer?