13 September, 2015

Bye Bye: The Dark Elements

I started reading this trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout as a read-along but due to me getting ill and the waiting time for the third book I ended up finishing it on my own terms.


August 4th, 2015
4/5 stars

August 9th, 2015
2/5 stars

September 13th, 2015
4/5 stars

Nope that sadly did not happen. But it was how I was feeling at some point reading this trilogy. 

The first book was really really good. I have recommended it to some people and I really am proud to say that I have read it.

The second books was just creepy. Sorta like you in love with your brother non-sex-non-hot way type of thing. I had really really to push myself to finish it.

The third book was well meh. It was okay in a way I guess. 

So if anybody wants to read this trilogy, please do read the first book! And take precautions reading the rest! 

So boy oh boy, I say bye bye to the Dark Elements series!


  1. I actually have White Hot Kiss! I've been so hesitant to read her books because I read a new adult title by her called Wait For You, and omg I despised that book lol. It started off sooo good, then towards the middle, it just got every bit of fucking ridiculous. I just couldn't deal. So every since then I said I wouldn't read anything else by her, but since that isn't fair, I decided to suck it up and read it anyway lol. I'll do so soon and tell you what I think.

  2. I can understand really well what you mean. If I only heard of her Dark Element series I would not be too eager to read more of Jennifer L. Armentrout. But I have heard so many amazing things about Lux series which I have yet to read so I am still hopeful. I guess it is impossible that the book is lover by absolutely everybody. I just hope I will love her other series more :) And yes, you should definitely try the first one, it is my favorite to the point where I just go straight ahead and recommend to the people to just pick it up and 'eat it'! :D

  3. I usually love Jennifer L. Armentrout's books, but I've heard mixed reviews about this series, so I've been wary, but I think I'll give it a go. Especially since the series is finished, and I won't have to wait; I hate waiting for a complete story. Excellent post!

    1. Oh I hate waiting too, especially when I tend to forget most of the things! And yes, you should really try at least the first one ;)