14 April, 2015


Title: The Bone Clocks
Author: David Mitchell
Series: -
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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PLOT SUMMARY: One drowsy summer's day in 1984, teenage runaway Holly Sykes encounters a strange woman who offers a small kindness in exchange for 'asylum'. Decades will pass before Holly understands exactly what sort of asylum the woman was seeking...

The Bone Clocks follows the twists and turns of Holly's life from a scarred adolescence in Gravesend to old age on Ireland's Atlantic coast as Europe's oil supply dries up - a life not so far out of the ordinary, yet punctuated by flashes of precognition, visits from people who emerge from thin air and brief lapses in the laws of reality. For Holly Sykes - daughter, sister, mother, guardian - is also an unwitting player in a murderous feud played out in the shadows and margins of our world, and may prove to be its decisive weapon.

Metaphysical thriller, meditation on mortality and chronicle of our self-devouring times, this kaleidoscopic novel crackles with the invention and wit that have made David Mitchell one of the most celebrated writers of his generation. Here is fiction at its spellbinding and memorable best.

David Mitchell is a very well know for his Cloud Atlas book. Know to most but me. I have not read or really heard much about Cloud Atlas, I know I am deeply ashamed. I only knew there was a movie as my boyfriend kept telling me we have to watch it. So, here I was on Christmas having no idea what I am getting myself into when I received this book as a Christmas gift.

First of all I have to say I own this book with cover of colorful black and all little things on it. It was really the reason why I was given this book in first place, I am a sucker for beautiful covers. So yeah, the black cover of The Bone Clocks is just amazing! It stands all nice and shiny on my bookshelf for everybody to see. (I have nothing against blue cover, it's just the cover I own).

Now getting into the story of the book...I think I was already on page 100 or so when I actually told my boyfriend I still have no idea what I am reading. It was just so absolutely confusing, one of these when you reading and every second page you are like "wait what?"... So it ended up bit dragging for me in the beginning. But then bout half into the book it all started slowly to make sense and since that point it became very very much interesting. I guess you just have to get through that part of getting to know the characters in order to understand what is happening later. And boy oh boy there were things happening. I am trying really hard to make this spoiler free, so I am not really analyzing the plot itself but let me just tell you one thing, it is just a perfect mix of reality and fantasy, sadness and happiness and just...well emotion. One thing this book definitely does is play with your emotions! And I mean it most certainly in not a bad way!

So yes, all I really wanted to say is that even though I did not give five starts to this book I absolutely loved it nevertheless and I deeply encourage everybody to read it because it is one of these books you just have to read!


  1. Oh do indulge into Cloud Atlas. I don't know if you will like it, but it has this "common knowledge" value to it (unlike, in my opinion, stories such as Pacific Rim, etc)

  2. Hello! This is Alisha. Thanks for following my blog - I followed yours back! Nice blog!

  3. Nosferatu, yes I think I will. I actually despite the 3 stars really liked David Mitchell writing style so looking very much forward to Claud Atlas, as a matter of fact I will get an ebook right now!