05 January, 2018


Title: Alexandria Reborn
Author: Mark Wallace Maquire
Series: Alexandria Rising Chronicles #2
Genres: Fiction, History, Adventure
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release: August 2nd, 2017
Source: Paperback
Pages: 237

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He can't go home. He's dead in the real world. Everything has changed. Forever. In, 'Alexandria Reborn,' the anticipated sequel to 'Alexandria Rising' Rand O'Neal rises from the ashes to join an elite team in an effort to shift the power struggle set in motion by control of the alchemistic Slendoc Meridian. As this fast paced adventure continues, Rand will discover the answer to many of this questions, but will he lost Hope in the process? 

EXPECTATIONS: I received this book for an honest review. This is a second book in the series, I received the first one a while ago and I really enjoyed it. This one is much shorter so I had a little doubt that maybe this wouldn't be as good as the first one since you know, usually the second book in the series are always a little weaker. But actually it held up pretty nicely on it's own.
THE WORLD: So the world is exactly like our world, and nothing really changes from the first one. Our characters still travel around to get clues or discover new things or to simply run away from danger. This book is very fast pace to actually I didn't really focus on the world that much. Maybe that was one of the things I missed really. I remember the first book having much more scene setting descriptions in it, in this one you would just know that the scene or place has changed since characters would travel and talk about it.

CHARACTERS: Rand O'Neal was still the main character, but to me he seemed a little bit more focused in this book. He kind of got in terms with the events taking place around him and kind of took a moment to step back and take it all in, thing, evaluate and made adult decisions. That's what I liked it about him. He wasn't so lost or just the person who things were happening too. I liked the way he slowly realized his feelings for Hope, that he truly did care for her. I dunno, to me he seemed much more mature in this book.

Hope on the other hand was a little bit more mysterious. It's clear that she has been in this game and society for much longer and has deep roots. Her character was a bit more darker to me personally. She wasn't just the pretty side kick, love interest. Regarding the other characters I liked Winston, but I wanted to know more about him. In general I felt like there were side characters that serviced the purpose much to literally. I would have liked to read more about the side characters, to know them a little better.

ROMANCE: The same, Rand and Hope.

GOOD: I was a fast book, the plot maybe a little predictable but still interesting. The pacing was good, the main character is interesting and not annoying. 

BAD: With that said, maybe the pace was a little bit too fast at some points. I mean no one likes a out-stretched book, but some passages or dialogues could have been longer, for me to form a deeper connection with the characters.

OVERALL: Overall, I still enjoyed it very much. I actually think this would make a cool movie.

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