Review Policy

For Publishers & Authors

We are 100% author/publisher friendly!  
Please, do not send us ebooks before we agree to review your book!

For Marketing Companies

We do not participate in any kind of book promotions if we have not read the promoted book. No tours, blitz of any kind of similar publicity. 


In the review we share our OWN opinion. Please do not try to bully us. We will send you information about the review publication date as soon as it is scheduled. Also, if you want a certain team member to review the book please specify the name. If not, it will be allocated depending on the genre.


- accepting reviews.
  • NO STRAIGHT MC unless it's non-western world and Ownvoices.
  • Witches, Thrillers, Crime, Everything Paranormal and High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, YA, Historical Fiction.
  • Printed copies and eBooks.
  • Self-published authors welcome.

- accepting reviews.
  • Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-fi
  • Printed copies and eBooks.
  • No self-published books unless professionally edited.

- at the moment does not accept any review requests.
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  • -

- accepting reviews.
  • Horror and Paranormal.
  • eBooks.
  • Self-published authors are welcome.

Rating Format

We use a 5 starts rating system
5 stars - we loved the book and are just wowed!
4 stars - the book was really nice, maybe not the type we love but overall we recommend to read it to everybody!
3 stars - not our type but overall enjoyed reading the book.
2 stars - we did not like it. We had serious issues with it.
1 star - book was unbearable or could just not force ourselves to finish it.  


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Social Media

We post our reviews or link to the review on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook. Upon request we are also happy to post a review on Amazon.