You know me as HannahCassie or just Hannah and I live in Germany.
I am doing my Masters in Genetics right now and so I spend most of my day in the genetics lab with an audiobook on.
That's what I do during the day. At night I read. Or film Booktube videos. 
Sometimes I also sleep.
I used to watch a lot of TV but I love binging things more now. I also love fitness and I swear I was a Zumba instructor in my previous life. 

Hey there, I am Laura! I am a Cognitive Neuroscience MSc graduate. Currently living in Spain to finally be able to spend some time with my family and friends.
I am aiming for a PhD in Seoul though, the adventure bug never goes away!

In my free time I like to go to fitness classes, dance (ballet, contemporary), and read. I used to read everything YA but lately I've been very picky. I want inclusive reading, no toxic behaviors that are never called out, and good thought out plot.

Oh, and I have finally accepted my destiny as a BTS fangirl. It is what it is.

Hi all I’m Martyna.
Currently I am living under the Lithuanian sky!
Unlike HannahCassie or Laura I’m already done with my studies (I have bachelor in English philology and a master’s degree in communication and marketing), so I already entered the adult world (not that fun). 
I really love theater. I belong to a theater company called MINIMUM for almost 5 years now.
 I also love cinema and of course reading! I’m also pretending to be a writer and have been fiddling with few projects myself for some time. Hope I’ll finish it eventually. 

Hello, I’m Quinn, but I go by Nosferatu or sometimes Soukyan due to the nature of my favorite books. For the time being I reside in Lithuania, but we’ll see what future holds for that. 
During the day I work as a translator, therefore I very much prefer books in their original language, to keep my brain from picking at every sentence. During the night I’m your regular carpe noctis reader.
I love all books with Dracula in them, they’re the ones that inspire me to do the most (I paint, and I make jewelry), but any vampires is better than no vampires, right?