18 February, 2018

SUNDAY PORTRAIT: Genevieve Dieudonne

Happy Sunday, friends! Welcome to Sunday Portraits, where we give a face to our beloved book friends!

 Today we have: ANNO DRACULA by Kim Newman:

Her fictional background is gradually revealed throughout the series. She was born in 1416 Brittany. Her father was a doctor, and she learned much from his trade. Disguised as a boy, she fought for Joan of Arc; in 1432, after her death, she was given the Dark Kiss by Chandagnac. In the following years, she had a variety of occupations, including nurse, courtesan, slave, and soldier, once more disguising herself as a male to fight under both Francis Drake against the Spanish Armada and Napoleon during the French invasion of Russia. She was a good friend and implied lover of Carmilla Karnstein.

In 1888 (during the events of Anno Dracula), several years after Count Dracula takes over Britain, Geneviève helps Diogenes Club agent Charles Beauregard hunt down the vampire-killer known as "Silver Knife"

Genevieve Dieudonne

Genevieve is a character from Anno Dracula series by Kim Newman, and many other books set in the same world, that aren't part of the series. She has a faint french accent, vivid green eyes with red tint to them, likely there due to hunter, and a head of lush blonde curls. She's an extraordinary woman, an elder vampire who, through out the years, plays many roles. The newest ones all seem to lean towards one goal - crime solving!

Book review: Anno Dracula; Bloody Red Baron; Dracula Cha Cha Cha; Johnny Alucard, etc
Painting by: Nosferatu


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