11 February, 2017

Saturday Tag

Welcome dear readers, to yet another Saturday Tag, where the fun never stops!

Today I am joined by Laura and together we will complete this fun tag:


 Television and movies are a huge part of today's world and while not everyone might be caught up with the most recent releases, the movie world still catches up to us in one way or another.

I don't know about you guys, but I personally, sometimes am really lost when I finish a book and I just cannot wait until the next one or if maybe someone will bring that story to screen and I just sit around in anxiety not knowing what to do to myself because I just need that fictional shot right here, right now! I need to go back to that amazing world I just finished reading!

So if you find yourself feeling the same way, Laura and I are here to help you out! In this tag we will give you some examples of movies and/or TV shows that you might like if you have read a certain book!

 Martyna's list

1. Pride & Prejudice and Far From the Madding Crowd

 I believe that all readers who just love Pride & Prejudice would like this adaptation of Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd. Of course this movie is also an adaptation, but I am yet to read the original book and since I enjoyed the movie immensely I think I will love the book as well! It's filled with love, lost, heartache, friendships and happiness.

2. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

I am not talking about the The Vampire Diaries TV show. After I read the books, the show to me lost any sentiment what so ever (well maybe I like only like the first two seasons or so). In any case, if you enjoyed the vampires and humans, the werewolves and witches in the world L.J.Smith created in the Vampire Diaries, you will for sure like the show The Originals. It has all the same dark, Gothic vibes, it's set in New Orleans and the plot lines are much more closer to the L.J.Smith world for me.

3. Between Shades of Grey and Forest of Gods

Now this suggestion is not going to be easy one and it might not be for everyone but let me explain a little more. You all know how much we love Ruta Sepetys in this blog and her books are on the lists of our most beloved ones, so if you also enjoyed her books, found her stories heartbreaking and you want to learn more about the difficult life during war in Lithuania, you can either read the book or watch the movie for Forest of Gods. I have to worn you it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be easy but this book, and the movie are one of the best I have ever read/seen in my entire life.

4. The Picture of Dorian Gray and Penny Dreadful

Gothic, mysterious, dark and scary is the setting I feel at my best in! I read this particular Oscar Wilde book early in my life and till this day it still with me. Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite writers, I love the gothic person in him, I love the dandy in him, I even went to visit his grave in Paris to pay my respect and ask for creative guidance! So if you have ever heard or read of this Dorian Gray fellow and his portrait, believe me you will love Penny Dreadful! The show has so much to offer that I binge-watched the entire thing in one night!

5. Gone Girl and How To Get Away With Murder

I absolutely adored Gone Girl, it was so intense and it constantly kept me on the toes. The audiobook was fantastic and I was literally frozen the entire time it played in my headphones. I get the same feeling when I watch this show! It's fantastic, the level of suspense it gives makes me physically weak! Whoever loved Gone Girl, I believe would love this show also!

And I just realized that a lot of my suggestions are really dark and gothic and creepy but I am a very bubbly person, I promise :D Don't judge me :D

Laura's list

1. Amour Amour and Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away

 If you have read Amour Amour by Krista & Becca Ritchie you would like the Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away movie. Who doesn't know the Cirque du Soleil? One of the best circuses in the world. The book features so many things from the circus and describes the aerial routine they perform in their show... and then you can just go watch this movie and you'll be transported back right into the world of the book!

2. The Ice Princess and Fjällbacka

If you're a fan of Camilla Läckberg's Fjällbacka series you must check out the TV series! It's a Norwegian production but I found it with Spanish subs so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find them in English as well. Follow Erika's and Patrick's journey as they keep solving murders and crimes in their small (but sure dangerous) town after the events of the books.

3. Ink and Bone and The Librarians

I just recently read Ink and Bone but I loved it. It's all about books and the Alexandria library, some magic, some romance... now, there is no movie or TV show directly for this trilogy but a couple of years ago The Librarians aired and I remembered just now how the concept is the same. It's about a group of people who have sworn to protect all books and libraries in the world from evil people with evil plans. Is this the plot of the book or TV series? Both.

4. The Foxhole Court and Haikyuu!!

Well, this is quite odd right? Not a TV series, not a movie... but an anime! I still think it's interesting and even if you're not an anime person I would recommend you to check it out if you liked The Foxhole Court because Haikyuu!! shares the same team spirit, amazing and somewhat complicated characters, and sports! In this case different ones... the book is about Exy and the anime about Volleyball.

NOTE: Don't worry about the language. The anime is subbed. 

5. The Lunar Chronicles and Once Upon A Time

This is the most obvious one since they're both retelling's of different fairy-tale characters. Who doesn't like retellings? The books are retellings of Cinderella (Cinder), Little Red Riding Hood (Scarlet), Rapunzel (Cress), and Snow White (Winter) which are characters also featured in the TV series Once Upon A Time plus a lot more!

We hope you enjoyed the tag as much as we did  while doing it. Let us know what would your life look like in books!