09 December, 2016

REVIEW: HEIR OF NOVRON by Michael J. Sullivan

Title: Heir of Novron
Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Series: The Riyria Revelations #5-6
Genres: High Fantasy, Adventure
Publisher: Orbit
Source: Library physical book
Pages: 932

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The New Empire intends to celebrate its victory over the Nationalists with a day that will never be forgotten. On the high holiday of Wintertide, they plan to execute two traitors (Degan Gaunt and the Witch of Melengar) as well as force the Empress into a marriage of their own design. But they didn’t account for Royce and Hadrian finally locating the Heir of Novron—or the pair’s desire to wreak havoc on the New Empire’s carefully crafted scheme.

The end has come to incredible adventures of Hadrian and Royce.

First of all, this book is actually a bind up of two books Wintertide & Percepliquis.

THE WORLD: We are officially back. It hasn't been long this time since the last book and so I will not describe the world in much detail other than saying that it is a typical high fantasy world with kingdoms, magic, wizards, elves and what not. I truly love it, it is just very beautiful and well for he lack of another word - magical.

CHARACTERS: We are back to Hadrian and Royce. Or should I say Hadrian, Royce and Arista? More and more she is in the book and by now I think I would not be wrong just plainly calling her one of the main characters. And frankly, it makes my heart skip every time I think of her. I love Arista to the bits. Actually I love all three of them, they are just so perfect. And now that secrets are revealed...ah it gets even better and we get to know them all even deeper...I am out of words here. Michael J. Sullivan writes incredibly characters and his development is breath taking.

LOVE: Again this book is not about love, it is not about romance. Actually the story doesn't even spin around a woman which I absolutely love. Like I loved The Name of the Wind for example but the concentration of the woman in it was just making me really mad. And this is not the case in here, it is about adventure and crazy things and jup, no love as central object.

PLUS: So the big secret why elves are hates...damn. I mean don't get me wrong these are so many pluses in this series that it would take me hours to list them all but the whole elves twist...I so did not see it coming!

MINUS: It is the last volume in the series :( But Michael J. Sullivan said he is writing more, I hope it is going to be about same characters, I just love them so so much.

OVERALL: Most definitely my favorite high fantasy series. I have read a few by now and I agree many of them are good but this one is hands down my absolutely favorite. I adore these books to the bits. And the characters....amazing!


What did you think of HEIR OF NOVRON?