30 September, 2016


Title: Blood Debt
Author: Tanya Huff
Series: Vicki Nelson #5
Genres: Fantasy, Crime, Fiction
Publisher: Little Brown
Source: Audiobook
Pages: 368

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SYNOPSIS: It began with a ghost in his bedroom. A tormented soul hungry for vengeance, The sort of nocturnal visitation that even a five-hundred-year-old vampire like Henry Fitzroy found tiresome. It would lead Vicki Nelson, PI, into her most deadly investigation yet.

The wraith is determined that Henry and Vicki track down its killer - and is prepared to use a little persuasion by way of the innocent inhabitants of Toronto to ensure their support. Forced to investigate, Vicki discovers a host of souls in desperate torment and evidence to suggest that trailing the killer will only lead to further deaths - starting with her own.

Carrying on with the series I have started when I was a teen.

THE WORLD: So just as in previous books we have a typical our world but with a little spice of paranormal. All these dark creatures we heard of in spooky stories exist in this world. Do you wanna visit? I sure do.

CHARACTERS: As the title of the series suggests, Vicki Nelson is our main character. However, opposite to the way we are used to see her, now Vicki is different. She is a vampire and a young one as a matter of fact so her being a private detective is rather on hold. I mean she still does go solve the mystery, otherwise there would be no series, but all the typical case solving pathway she used to have...that is gone. Now she is brave, scary and passionate vampire who cannot stay still. I mean come on, if you were a vampire would you be a little mouse under the brush? Lol. Next to Vicki as always we have Henry Fitzroy, a bastard son of Henry VII Tudor who was turned into a vampire instead of dying from sickness as our history books tell us and Mike Celluci, Vicki's partner cop who is also madly in love with her. Well Henry also loves Vicki but after her being turned into a vampire the whole passion went away. Apparently vampires do not do well together, they prefer being on their own.

So now that I reminded you of our little team in this book let  me tell you that this whole change of balance was a little bizarre. Now I never was a big lover of Vicki but somehow I either got used to her by now or just...well I guess I got used to her. Henry on the other hand used to be my fav but in this book he started to get on my nerves. All the territory and old ways conflicts...ain't my thing. And then there is Mike...my relationship with his started bad, I used to hate Mike and just really every time he came up I got annoyed. But now...by book five I freaking love Mike and he is my favorite character in this series hands down. Team #Celluci!

LOVE: Our typical love triangle of Henry/Vicki/Mike took a different direction after Vicki became a vampire. Now that Henry is all about old ways and vampires being apart it is pretty much Vicki and Mike. So I guess that is also the end game. Me is happy happy.

PLUS: I do not adore this series but there is something about them that always makes me smile. It is sad they are almost over. I will miss Tanya Huff's writing.

MINUS: Maybe there could have been a little bit more action but other than that it was a typical Vicki Nelson book.

OVERALL: I think there is one more book, it is either about Mike or another installment in the series, don't remember. One way or another, I will definitely be reading it!

What did you think about BLOOD DEBT?