29 February, 2016


Title: Hemingway
Author: Jason
Series: -
Genres: Graphic Novel
Publisher: Reprodukt
Source: Library Physical Copy
Pages: 48

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, and James Joyce walk into a Parisian bar... no, it's not the beginning of a joke, but the premise of Jason's unique new graphic novel.

Set in 1920s Paris, The Left Bank Gang is a deliciously inventive re-imagining of these four literary figures as not only typical Jason anthropomorphics, but... graphic novelists! Yes, in Jason's warped world, cartooning is the dominant form of fiction, and not only do these four literary giants work in the comics medium but they get together to discuss pen vs. brush, chat about the latest graphic novels from Dostoevsky ("I can't tell any of his characters apart!") to Faulkner ("Hasn't he heard of white space? His panels are too crowded!"), and bemoan their erratic careers.

Add in a hilarious sequence where Hemingway is lectured by an overbearing Gertrude Stein ("What kind of pencil are you using? You should be using a blue pencil, that way you don't have to erase, all right? Avoid captions. Don't ever write 'A little later.' You don't need that. The reader will figure it out."), guest appearances by Zelda Fitzgerald and Jean-Paul Sartre, and a few remarkable twists and turns along the way, and you've got one of the funniest and most playful graphic novels of the year.

Like Jason's acclaimed Why Are You Doing This?, The Left Bank Gang is rendered in full spectacular color. This is Jason's eighth graphic novel in six years for Fantagraphics, and his audience continues to grow with every acclaimed release.
I picked this graphic novel truly because of the drawing style. I mean look at them - adorable!

I think it would be too confusing to try to describe 48 pages in different categories. The thing is when I read the synopsis of this book...well when I saw first few lines I thought it was about famous people and maybe even bit philosophical. Wasn't too thriller. But then I started reading it and it was just hilarious. I laughed so so much. It really is a story of graphic novel creators who have hard time getting money and how they come up with a brilliant plan to rob a bank. It sound pretty boring but trust me, the personalities of these characters...they were hilarious. And the story it self was executed in a way that left you very satisfied. It sorta explains what happened from each characters point of view and takes the story further every time. Plus we also have side characters in this story who were...well yes again hilarious. 

Frankly if you are looking for an easy and funny graphic novel you should definitely pick this one up. It is super fast read and leaves you in a great mood! I have already takes another graphic novel of Jason from the library, different story but same drawing style. Cannot wait to read it!

Oh and do not forget to pay details at the drawings, they are so funny!

What do you guys think about HEMINGWAY?